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The Passing Parade - 2

1) (The particular Tea Party group in this instance doesn't matter; they are all in the same boat: fearful of the Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' one about ridiculing your opponent, instead of engaging them in fair debate.  Otherwise known as 'Never give a sucker an even break':)


"When one of you Tea Party types speaks out against the ineligibility of Obama to hold that dishonored office, and thus begins the return of the nation to the rule of law, I'll support you.

"Either the Constitution means what it says or it doesn't.  And a 'natural born citizen' does NOT mean a citizen with dual loyalties or allegiances.  It means being born on the soil (or the equivalent) of U.S. citizen parents - plural.

"Got that?  P-l-u-r-a-l.  What's so hard to understand about it?  It was the WHOLE POINT of inserting that requirement into the Constitution for the federal office of the president - who would be also the Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military forces - and that federal office ONLY.

"Get on the job.  Or stop bothering me with requests for donations.  You would be doing your proper job, then, as patriots, of the American constitutional Republic."


2) The National Republican Senatorial Committee has sent me a letter asking for my financial support, with an enclosed sealed Survey to fill in my responses to various issues, as representative of my voting district.  The first question, on its cover, was to rate a half-dozen issues on a scale from 1 to 6 as to my sense of their priority  position.  I crossed them all off and wrote in an 'Other' as my no. 1, and only, issue; viz: 'To return to the rule of law'.  Where it gave space underneath the question to make remarks as to why I had chosen what I had in the order I had, I wrote in: "See the back of Sen. Jerry Moran's letter."  (Sen. Moran is Chairman of the NRSC.)  On the back of his covering letter, which I enclosed with my (unopened) Survey, I wrote:

"Dear Jerry,

"When the Republican Party gets the nation back on honorable track by returning to the rule of law -  in this case, the U.S. Constitution - then we can talk. 

"Your Party has allowed an ineligible candidate to run for, and become, the president of the United States.  That was a shameful act on your part.  You are as guilty as, if not more than, the Democrat Party in this heist, for malfeasance of duty as the opposition in a two-party system.  You allowed a terrible crime to be committed against the Constitution - the rule of law - and against the American Republic.  Don't look to me for support of your agenda." 

I have written similar comments on other mailings from the NRSC; apparently to no avail, since they continue to send me donation requests.*  I wrote on the return envelope "for the personal Attn. of Sen. Jerry Moran," but am not holding out much hope that he will see this missive from me, either.  A shame.  For they were asking me for my opinion on such national matters of importance…

What do I want to see happen in this matter?

I want to see the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama apologize to the American people; confess his sins; and ask for their forgiveness for misleading them so, as he then vacates the office voluntarily.  And I take over now, the running of my country.  

And one of the first orders of business will be to clean up the voting 'act' in this country.  And what an act it is, has become.  And is about to become worse, with the announcement in today's local newspaper that the California legislature has passed legislation (which the governor has said he will sign) to allow illegal aliens - excuse me; 'undocumented workers' - to apply for a driver's license in this state.

Now let me get this straight.  They're in this country illegally.  So by rights, they need to face deportation; which could be voluntary, if they were deprived of any health, education, and welfare freebies.  Which should be the case.  But instead, not only is that honey pot going to continue to attract illegals here, but the state of California is going to allow them to get a state driver's license, to travel to jobs that they are holding down illegally...

...the mind boggles at the subterfuge here. 

In trying to make any sense of it all, I start with: Well; that, then - if nothing else - would rule out the use of a driver's license as ID evidence of the right to vote.  As it is now; because a citizen of California has to show a birth certificate in order to apply for and receive a driver's license.  Which is a convenient item of identification…


I see.

That is, then, the point of this initiative, is it.

A step-by-step maneuver to get illegal aliens into the voting booths legally.  

'Oh, come on' (the argument will go).  'If they're good enough to get a driver's license in this state, they're being recognized legally as domiciled in this state, and that should be good enough to let them have the vote.  After all, they're paying taxes…'

And taking out more in welfare benefits than they are putting in as sales taxes and such...

...besides being the 'expanded electorate' that the Democrats are looking to ensure, not only their short-term power in office, but ultimately the overturning of the American Republic into a 'pure' democracy, sans the Constitution, which now, at least the little of it left, stands in their way...the way of the Cloward-Piven Strategy......    

Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  I know you can do better than this.  This is all pure sophistry. 

What is in your heart is larceny.  Not purity of intention. 

And you're not going to get away with that in my country.

The argument will go something like this:   

It is not up solely to each state of the Union to decide these sorts of things for themselves.  The citizens of each state are also citizens of the United States; and I will not permit citizens of the United States to have their vote cancelled out, diluted, become meaningless in a charade, because of widespread fraud in the electoral system, with illegal aliens voting, and/or illegal felons, and/or dead people, and/or people voting more than once - etc. etc. and etc., as has been going on for LONG ENOUGH NOW.   

And besides:

Since we're going to enter a whole new era now, of Justice and Honesty and Truth in loving but firm command, we might as well go all the way, into the Golden Age of long renown.  When people will recognize that they are but One Another - having merely been playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama of their making, and the Time is now for them to leave the training wheels of the realm of duality behind, and go for the real thing: life after the incessant Wheel of Rebirth in the 3D illusion, designed for spiritual growth to take place, giving way now to the lower realms of Reality Itself.  As we soar with our wings of Awareness taking us wherever we wish to go, but ever upwards, into the upper reaches of our potential.  As facets, fractals, points of view, divine aspects of the All That Is.  

Having served our apprenticeship.  And now having won our wings. 

All, that is to say, who choose to move on.  

And that does not include - eliminated by their own choice; hoist by their own petard - those souls that choose to continue to live by such qualities as lying, and cheating, and deception of all kinds.

That doesn't cut it, Friend.   

That puts you, in point of fact, outwith the cut.

So, make your choice.

While the rest of us continue on, to birth the New World - just waiting to be born, in our hearts, and minds.  

It has already been birthed in our souls.  Now it's just a matter of translating it into its active stage.

As the result of our long efforts.  To grow in awareness  Of what it has been all about..   



*And, like other such sources, Polls and Petitions to sign to various entities, the President [sic) or my Congress reps or my Governor or whoever all they can think of, to give me the illusion that my donation is going to accomplish anything but keep them in business - or, most probably, their professional fundraisers; who take huge chunks of whatever they can manage, by their slick sales approaches, to drum up out of the public's pockets. 
     I'm sorry, but I have become very cynical about this whole 'business'.  It's obvious, without even having to read about it (which I have, subsequent to much contributing to 'worthy causes'), that there are 'boiler room' enterprises galore going on: fundraisers operating out of cheap rental spaces, and sharing mailing lists between themselves; figuring out ever more clever ways to 'word the pitch' to hook the punters.  Like me.   Who mean well.  But who have become disillusioned with the game.       
     Speaking of 'the game', let me append here the copy of an email I sent yesterday to a friend:

  • FW: FRIDAY BOMBSHELL: Two JP Morgan Whistleblowers in Silver Manipulation Case‏

Stan Stanfield 9/13/13


"$70T in derivatives" - are these people truly mad??  As in thinking they are playing a game of Monopoly, and then going out for a drink, as though nothing has been happening, nothing to see here, folks, keep moving?????????????????

The mind boggles.

Watch out for the falling bodies coming from tall business towers wherever you are.  With the mouths attached to them saying, "But it was only a gaaaaaaaame....."


Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 15:44:37 -0400
Subject: FRIDAY BOMBSHELL: Two JP Morgan Whistleblowers in Silver Manipulation Case

Did you ever notice that all the BIG NEWS comes out on Friday?

Andrew Maguire: CFTC Has had metals market rigging documents for a year

So if all this is true, which I believe it is, then expect the following fallout:

1) The CFTC will have to make a public statement on Silver manipulation in September.

2) JP Morgan could be held liable for TRILLION$ as class-action lawsuits will be filed by all parties affected..investors, dealers, brokers, ETF's, mining companies, jewelery companies, industrial manufacturers, nations that hold bullion and on and on.

3) JP Morgan currently holds $120B in gold and silver derivatives that may be defaulted upon.

4) CFTC will be held to account for purposefully delaying the charges of manipulating the silver market.

5) GATA and all us "Silver Conspiracy Nuts" will have been proven RIGHT!

6) The collapse of JP Morgan will bring down every other bank in the world as it defaults on $70T in derivatives.

7) The total and complete destruction of the paper and electronic monetary system is inevitable.  

7) YOUR PHYSICAL SILVER will become priceless!

How soon will all this happen? It's already started!

When will it hit the mainstream? It just did!

Watch out for next week as the walls of manipulation are crumbling down around the Bad Guys.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

*Private Road Members: Sorry about the delay on Part 2 of "The REAL Story of How We Got Here" but events of this week have me buried! It should come out next week. Here's the link to this week's Road Trip though :-)

Friday Road Trip 9/13/2013

     I rest my case.

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