Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Passing Parade

1) from Ottawa Citizen: 9/11 truther campaign responds to criticism of bus ads' - by Shaamini Yogaretnam - Sept. 12 (carried on ReThink 911 email of Sept. 13)

 Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University

The article is incorrect in saying that "Osama bin Laden-led al-Qaida...publicly accepted responsibility for the attacks". Bin Laden denied involvement in the operation. Even the FBI admitted that there was no evidence that he had anything to do with it. This is disinfo repeated ad nauseam. 

A comprehensive and independent investigation into this matter has been long overdue. Surely no [one] can find fault with that proposal, especially with all the serious questions that have been raised in its aftermath.

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2) from obamaballotchallenge: 'Digging Up Bones' - Dwight Kehoe, TPATH - Sept. 12 - posted by George M. Sept. 13
(an article about how far we have come from the vision of the Founding Fathers, and listing all the 'bones' buried in Obama's path to power)

  1. Wow. Being a retarded racist REALLY does work for people like you! 

  2. He was voted in by the popular vote thru the electoral college. Nothing…
    changes that so he is POTUS.

  3. And by “nothing changes that” he ^literally^ means any and all Constitutional requirements.

  4. Robeerts ultimately means to say that each and every election modifies and changes the Constitution to conform with the outcome of that election; the Constitution is a living, breathing, fluid document that bends to the will of the people who vote (or are perceived to have voted).

  5. a usurper is (simply put) someone who stole power that
    that belonged to someone else. he was fairly elected, so no the facts are ALL in, you are a sad, pathetic racist POS that hate the fact a black man ins in the White House.

  6. When you scumbags call Obama a Urusper, WE know you mean Ni@@er!

  7. Questiondude, 16 hours ago
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      I don’t usually run brainless obot (a redundancy) replies, but this one’s too fun not to respond to:

    • 1. Anyone who disagrees with obots on anything is automatically classified a “racist” if the obot has no real merit to his/her/its argument. For your info, I was a Herman Cain supporter. Herman’s a hell of a lot “blacker” (and actually a REAL American patriot) than the whatever-he-is mongrel AKA “Obama.”

    • 2. Hey obot, “Obama” is a criminal. He has lied, committed document/identity fraud, covered up his tracks, in addition to committing numerous impeachable offenses, but a no-nothing like you wouldn’t know or care about any of that.

    • 3. The U.S. Constitution and legal statutes trump a “popular” vote. Popular votes don’t supersede the law, fool.

    • 4. At least you were right about one thing
      “a usurper is (simply put) someone who stole power that that belonged to someone else.”
      Yes- and “Obama” is that usurper. Wake up.

    • 5. The way to change the Constitution is via a Constitutional Amendment. The founders, who were infinitely wiser than you, set that up to help avoid emotional sentiments of the moment. Clearly, they had people like you in mind when they did that. Yes, I;m aware that Progressive education/propaganda promote the claptrap you’re spewing- but it is false.

    • When we call “Obama” usurper, we point out that he is not legally entiteled to be there. Read this, if you are able to:

    • .. and begone from this site with your lies and pejoratives. The race card is not a magic word to win arguments you are losing,

    • GeorgeM, 12 hours ago
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    Well done for replying to the guy this way, George.

  9. And can we all see, now, the foolishness that we bought into by letting the Left get away for so manly years with the (well-cultivated) notion that the Constitution is a “living document,” and thus simply means whatever the majority of the time are able to make it mean, by “interpretation” rather than amendment??

  10. And just so has the American constitutional Republic drifted into being simply a democracy, with no rule of law to speak of, only its tattered remains holding up here and there in various court decisions. A sad, sad story. As the author of this piece said, there is quite a (metaphorical) rolling over in graves going on right now, by the Founding Fathers; who did THEIR best.

  11. Now it’s up to us to do ours.

  12. Stan, 7 hours ago   [early Sept.14]

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Ah, for when the Truth will out on all these things...

...and we will stop mocking - trying to mock - God.  In our little lives, rounded with a sleep.

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