Thursday, 26 September 2013

High Crimes & Misdemeanors

No sooner did I try to draw a line in the sand and say No to any more contributions to a plethora of worthy causes that I have gotten myself involved in supporting,1 than I got to some of my mail of yesterday, and noticed an unfamiliar envelope that had a sketch of a soldier on it, with the notation alongside:

'This is the courtroom sketch of my son, Michael, during his court-martial.

'His only 'crime' was refusing to sit by and watch the President trample on the Constitution of the United States.

'Every patriotic American needs to hear his story...'

Michael...Michael... - Oh yes;  that soldier that The New American magazine reported on some years back, who refused orders to fight under the UN blue helmet, and command.  I wonder...

And being as curious as any cat, I decided to open it, and see what was the latest on his story.  And got hooked.

It is a commanding story; how (former Army Specialist) Michael New's outfit, while stationed in Germany, after the first Gulf War, suddenly got orders, under the Clinton administration - and therefore, under Bill Clinton as his Commander-in-Chief - to be posted to Macedonia as UN Peacekeepers.  'What??!' he undoubtedly said to himself; 'I didn't sign up to be a UN mercenary, in UN uniform, under foreign command.'  And he has been fighting that lonely battle ever since - out of uniform now, having received a Bad Conduct discharge for standing up for his rights as a sovereign, not a slave; willing to fight as a U.S. soldier for the Constitution, but not as a UN mercenary fighting for the UN Charter.  Something was wrong with that picture.  And he found it, in a Presidential Directive signed and promulgated by Bill Clinton, that he and his family and lawyers have studied enough2 to believe is unconstitutional, but have been stonewalled all the way to the Supreme Court in trying to get a court hearing on the matter.  Now that 'the smoking gun' has been declassified, he and his backup team "in the next few months...will be taking this battle to the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC".

And these things cost money...I understand.........

Only a brief sigh, and I was in.  Some things you just can't say No to.  A One World Government, where the nation-state armed forces are under the command of the UN - and behind it, pulling the strings, the globalist Cabal, for now rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation - clearly is just such a thing.3

And speaking of the 'forces' that the Cabal want to see eliminated from their picture, of global domination:

Another letter - that just happened to be in the same batch; as these things sometimes go - was from an old such mail-call friend, in the form of the Committee for Justice, with this mailing concentrating on their Impeachment Project.  They compile materials - as the self-proclaimed "America's leading conservative legal and legislative action organization holding politicians accountable to the law" - making their various cases, on the current administration's outrageous actions in blocking the 'truing of the vote', and so forth.  This mailing from them, as I say, was concentrating on the overall picture, of the Obama administration's clearly criminal actions across the board.  Case in point:

"The IRS admits it targeted nonprofit organizations with the words 'Tea Party,' 'patriot,' 'liberty' (!), or 'Christian' in their names - as well as groups that criticized the government or sought to educate Americans about the U.S. Constitution - with invasive audits and investigations, while demanding the groups' Facebook posts, reading lists, and lists of their donors and interns.

"Apparently, in the view of the IRS, being a patriot or Christian, talking about liberty, and teaching the Constitution are seen as suspicious activities..."

No.  More.  Are seen as attitudes and activities of enemies of the state - the new socialist state, aborning on American soil - and therefore, as the potential 'domestic terrorists' that they have outrightly been called by this administration's minions.  For, let's face it, ladies and gentlemen of America: This isn't 'politics'.  This is war.  This is an attempt, by those Marxists who, through such tools of their trade as the use of Deception, have managed to gain the high ground in the nation's governing apparatus, to secure and consolidate their revolution against, to quote their 'operations manual', the 'reactionary forces'.  The classic Marxist attitude, against defenders of 'the status quo' - in this case, defenders of essential liberty against the power of the almighty state.

Well, let me tell you something, you Marxist ideologues.  There is only one Almighty.

And it isn't your slave state.

So, put down your weapons (of their various types).  Or we'll have to take them away from you.

And remember: 'Molon labe' is our battle cry.

Not that of the oppressors.

And you are the oppressor.

You may think you - your voting blocs4 -  are the oppressed.  But when you resort to the sorts of things that you have resorted to, once you got your foot in the door of the top of the political apparatus in the country, you became nothing more than common criminals.

And will be treated as such.  When this war is over.  And The Accounting begins.

As part of the clearing of the karmic record.  So that we can all move on; in unison; to the greater destiny awaiting us, than either side of the action-reaction, thesis-antithesis equation has realized, has been part of its mission, and work book.  For

You - all of you - ain't seen nothin' yet.

And that's what I, and millions like me, are here to tell you.

To help you see.

Once you take the blinkers of your ideology off; that give you only tunnel vision.

Which should, at least, help you see the Light heading straight





1 I was just about to head off to the Main Library in town to use their printer to print off a number of copies of a Declaration I have drawn up, saying:
   'Dear (whomsoever),
   'Sorry to have to inform you that there are just too many 'worthy causes' out there and I can't keep up with them all, so I've decided to drop them all (how does one choose???), and instead, concentrate on helping to bring about systemic change.  (There is a Better Way.)
   'In the meantime, good luck with your worthy cause.
   'P.S. And accordingly, please take me off your mailing list.  Thank you.'
   I plan on putting this inside any mailing that has included a stamped return envelope.  Some mailings, which have a return address on them, I just write on now 'Return to Sender' and hope that will do the trick.  But the mailings of some organizations, which I have been particularly supportive of, I will open, and insert my Declaration back to them, so that they understand why I have dropped out of their picture.

2 after having to fight for years to get it declassified, and finally accomplishing that mission: After fifteen years, PDD 25 was finally released, "thanks to Mike's legal team and the overwhelming support from his supporters," his dad tells us, out here in la-la land, who don't have a clue as to how rotten things have gotten.  You think things are bad?  Wait until you find out just how bad.  With this, and other stories, waiting to come out to the public at large. As, e.g., coming up, in summary.
   Fifteen years...Justice deferred - in effect, denied - is injustice.  In any language, and under whatever form of government, you choose.

3 As I am saying in my reply to Mike's dad: "Your request got in just under the wire for me, as I was right in the process of disengaging from all such 'worthy causes', for being inundated by them, and not being able to handle them all (and how do you choose??).  But this matter needs to be sorted out."  (And in addition, in response to a question that Mike's dad raised in his letter:)  "Yes, your son did the right thing - and good on him for it."
   At a minimum, the troops should have had that possibility of service put to them when they gave their enlistee's oath, and swore to "support and defend the Constitution," so they would have choice in the matter.  But even then, there is a constitutional question here.  That document  - that contract - not having fully disappeared yet, under the accumulated weight of disdain that has been heaped on it - by both Democrats and Republicans, let it be noted as being acknowledged.
     Those Republicans who want a fascist system of government here.  And those Democrats who want a socialist system...Take your pick.  They're both totalitarian in nature.
   And so, equally to be avoided.
   By a free people.
   For whom a lot of good people fought and suffered and died over the years, to give them their freedom.
   Not chains.
   Sovereigns, in their own right.
   Not slaves, subject to the whim of the state.
   Like putting them under foreign command; just because their Caesar said so.

4 and currently trying to bring in millions more new voters by giving illegal aliens a crack at amnesty, and consequent application for citizenship.  Although that hasn't stopped an unknown number of them from already infesting our voter rolls, by various tricks of the trade.
   What a sad state of felonious affairs the United States has turned out to be...

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