Monday, 16 September 2013

The Vote

As we approach wrap-up time, when 'all things will be revealed' - including the truth about 9/11, and the assassinations of JFK and RFK and MLK and JFK Jr., and on and on - in a clearing of the decks, as it were, for our next steps, national and global, I want to comment on, and honor, one aspect in particular of our national lives leading up to this moment in time.  And that is the role of voting in a 'free country'.  And in doing so, to say how disappointed I am in how that essential aspect of life in a self-governing system/nation has been so grossly treated, and allowed to become such a farce, such a fraud, such a sorry state of affairs.

I have been out of the country for over 35 years, so I won't take any responsibility for this situation.1  And so I will say, with no sense of personal guilt or responsibility in the matter: How could you?

How could you let it get so terribly wrong??

"In the 2012 Elections," reports Susan Carleson, Chairman and CEO of the American Civil Rights Union, in a covering letter to a Citizen's Petition to the SCOTUS asking them to revisit their recent vote and hear arguments "to protect the right of Arizona to require satisfactory evidence of U.S. Citizenship when people register to vote" there, "more than 70,000 incidents of problems with voting machines were reported.  The main complaint was that voting machines were turning Romney votes into Obama votes..." (emphases in original)    And the litany of incidents of voting fraud outlined in her letter went on, and on, and on.

Question: How do you American citizens know who you really elected, to any office??  Answer: You don't, the electoral roles are so dodgy; with the number of people voting in some precincts greater than the number of eligible voters there, and so forth and so on.  I don't understand how you people allowed the voting process to get so corrupt.  It is so blatantly obvious, now, if it wasn't before.  It's a true scandal.  And a major disappointment to me. You are making a mockery to the world of what in the American experiment was supposed to be a sterling example of self-governance, with neither Church nor Crown nor oligarchy running things, but The People themselves.  And left to your own devices?

You blew it.

All those hopes for a better world to come out of the example of the American experiment in self-governance.  Blown.

You proved to be like a promiscuous woman who doesn't know who the father of her child is.  You don't have a clue who has been really elected.

You may think that an overwhelming vote is evidence.  But in such a climate of corruption, it is really nothing more than overwhelming evidence of systemic fraud.

Well over 19,000 votes in 59 voting divisions in Philly, and not a single vote out of that total for Romney??  That's a statistical impossibility...2

What a hash this generation has made of things.  Building, in a negative way, on what it was given, before taking over the reins...

I grieve for my country.  And the souls in it who have failed to live up to its expectations.  Having been given liberty, they have turned it into license.

Not the sign of maturity.  Rather, the sign of decay.

More's the pity.

 I understand that there was evidence that the Republicans had tried to manipulate voting machines for the 2004 elections; and thus the Democrats seem to have decided, rather than to help clean the system up, to fight fire with fire.  "Two can play that game."  And so, you Democrats chose to believe that two wrongs make a right...

Do you not really understand, after all this time, how 'the system' - the BIG system - works???  All that attitude does is keep the Wheel of Karma spinning round and round.  Over and over again: the same lesson to be learned, coming up for a look.  To be met positively - with a higher degree of consciousness than went into the original affront - and thus left behind, and progress made on the spiritual path, personally and collectively.  Or not.

My disappointment is tempered by the fact that it's also a time of great Opportunity - a time of preparation for a transformative experience; if you, my fellow souls, are up to it.  Which is in doubt for many as we speak.  And around and around you will have to go you really want that as an outcome, of how far you, and we, have come???...  

Many souls are going to ascend, in this cycle - this Grand Cycle, coming to its conclusion.

You have been given your chance to join the exodus of souls, onto a new, higher level of consciousness.  To keep this Earth-incarnate family of souls relatively intact.

Your call.

Your vote, as it were.



1 and who, even though coming back to the country in time for the 2012 elections, refused to vote in them, because of the evidence that I had come across by then that the electoral process in the country was such a charade.
     Disgusting stuff.

2 And the home of the birth of the nation, no less.  Rotting at its roots; and only so to speak.  To add insult to injury.


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