Wednesday, 11 September 2013

But What About Wars, And Such??

'The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Al-Assad has used chemical weapons!'

As if.

Would he be so incredibly stupid?  Especially after Potentate Obama had announced to the world - posted it on his forehead - that the use of chemical weapons would-be "a red line" ?

Cui bono?  Who benefits??

I am reminded of the widely medianized story-cum-spectacle of the young Kuwaiti girl telling the world that those horrible Iraqi soldier brutes had come into the hospital where she worked (I think was a detail of her story) and thrown babies out of their incubators onto the floor.  The follow-up story, that she was the daughter of a Kuwaiti intelligence official, never got near the same media coverage.  But hey: Mission Accomplished.  

However, the technique was blown.  But these psychopaths currently in charge of our world - operating under the self-assured arrogance of the 'principle' of Never say die, when you've got a good thing going - have the audacity to go to the same well for their attempts to get the same result that they want now:


Well; let me tell you something, boyos.  The days of wars are over.

How.  Human nature being what it is, and all that.

It's all really very simple, once you awaken to a basic fact of life.  That is, the fact of reincarnation; coupled with the globalized nature of where humanity has evolved to, and the End of Time scenario that we are in, have reached.

There is plenty of evidence in our time of the phenomenon of reincarnation.  And so, we see - can see; it's still up to us, free will being what it is - that we are, simply, playing parts, in an ongoing drama.  Until we choose to wake up from the illusory nature of it - having been mesmerized by its seeming realness - and, now realizing it for what it is - a play on a stage* - begin to draw it to a close, and move on to the real thing, out of this theater of operations we have spent lifetimes in.  And the way to do that is to realize, e.g., if you are looking to be at war with someone, you are looking to be at war with yourself.  With a part of your essential Self.  For, as actors on a stage, we have been playing roles only; but beneath the costumes we keep changing, and characters being, we are, in reality, One Another; and further, therefore, are One.

Are parts - divines sparks, fractals, facets - of One Great Intelligence; experiencing Itself, through the roles we holograms of It have donned.  And Which is now telling us - quietly, on the inner, so as lo leave the decision up to each of us hologramatic sparks of Itself  - to leave the part-playing behind.  And become One again; with the All That Is. 

Having learned our lessons.  Including the Big One.  Of the Big One.  

Wanting us to move on, now.  So that It can, too.   And not have to continue sending parts of Itself so deep down into grade school.  So we can graduate.  To graduate school.

And beyond!     

P.S.  Some won't make the cut.
         Allowance has been made for that.    



* and beginning to realize that we have been here before.  That history is cyclical in nature.  Just as - following the law of As Above, so Below - there are cycles in the larger Nature of which we on this -  living - planet are a part.  See David Wilcock's latest book, 'The Synchronicity Key,' for more on this intriguing subject.

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