Sunday, 22 September 2013

That Was The Weekend That Was

Where's the new stuff??  At this Fall Equinox, we should be heading into a New Era.  Instead, it's all old news and business as usual.

1) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Breaking Out of the New ©Age Enslavement - from Cameron Day at AscensionHelp' - Sept. 21 

We write this letter out of grave concern about many highly questionable statements posted at: Messages from MATTHEW.
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  • Jean says:
    September 21, 2013 at 7:56 pm

  • Doreen, I’m not sure what to do about this post. While I think it is extremely important that someone finally call this duo – Matthew and his Mother – on their channeling, I do not agree with all the statements by the people who do so, particularly their statement about gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people. I believe there are many kinds of sexuality in the Universe, and to say what is going on is a political, power-grab movement (did I read it correctly?) is, I think, cruel and utterly false.

  • I believe we are born with our sexuality and the cabal/matrix/church has used it to divide us and to make the lives of many such people into a living hell. Everyone deserves love – to give it and receive it, and to say these people are not entitled to love, which is what it seems to me it all amounts to, is beyond belief. What is love, anyway? If it is real, how can we run other people’s lives and deny them the opportunity to live and love richly and fully! If it is private and personal and does not affect us, is it really any of our business? I was raised by some very sick heterosexual parents – and would have given anything to have experienced some very genuine love – from anywhere, which they as so-called normal human beings were almost completely unable to give me. 

  • I am not saying that because you suggest this post/link you are in agreement with all it states. I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass to make a statement on this matter. I’m in total agreement that it is time that Matthew and his mother be called out on what they have long been channeling.

  • Most channeling as I understand it from Drunvalo -if I remember correctly – comes from the astral realms, the realm of wishful thinking. It is not a high level of vibration!

  • Please don’t take my words personally icon_smile.gif and thanks for bringing our attention to this post. 

  • Hugs,

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    • Michele Baillie says:
      September 21, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    • Love is a state of being. How we choose to express it is up to us. Am I “there?”…. No; I am learning to love….as are we all icon_smile.gif

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      • Jean says:
        September 21, 2013 at 10:46 pm

      • The toughest part of the journey, Michele, the part I thought I might not survive – except that it happened gradually – was the part about taking care of myself, about loving myself. My experience now says that once we learn to love ourselves, once we learn to value our inner peace to the point where we won’t let someone’s ‘stuff’ upset us and destroy our inner peace, when we learn to value that inner peace above all else, then we can finally, hopefully, love someone else. 

      • How could we ever do to someone else what we have learned through many painful experiences not to let others do to us? That is in my opinion, what love is really about! Hugs, ~Jean

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    • kibitzer3 says:
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    • September 22, 2013 at 4:21 am 

    • Just for clarity on this subject: There is considerable evidence that the brain of the developing fetus is sexed by its hormonal bath at an early stage of fetal development (I think it is around 8-10 weeks, as I recall) regardless of its genetical ‘assignment’. Abnormal levels of hormones can result in male brains being wired into female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like trannies. These levels can be affected by an abnormality in the adrenal glands of either the mother or the fetus or both; by estrogen mimics/endocrine disrupters in the environment, from plastics; by stress on the mother, for whatever reason (there is evidence that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars than the ‘background’ norm); and perhaps most alarmingly, as a side effect of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females with insufficient regard for their effect(s) on the developing fetus. Thus, children are right when they report that their brains are telling them a different story about their sex from the evidence of their bodies. (An excellent book in this regard is ‘BrainSex’ by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel.) 

    • We really need to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, as a truly healthy society would. The great moral issue here is not the biblical one (except as in promiscuity). It is the incredibly heavy weight put on such a child, who often goes to such lengths of his/her ‘sentence’ as enduring surgical & hormonal gender change, suicide, or violence; striking out at a society that doesn’t recognize what is going on in its midst, and who doesn’t understand what is going on in her/himself. The basic point: It is not enough just to say, ‘Learn to love yourself the way you are – and we will, too’. Yes; and, society needs to clean up its act, and give its children a better, fairer, more scientifically aware crack at life than it is currently doing.

2) from 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL!!! RT: Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria under Chapter 7' - Sept. 22

5 Responses to THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL!! !!!!! RT: Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria under Chapter 7
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  • kibitzer3 says:
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  • September 23, 2013 at 1:27 am 

  • I resent that my country, which used to stand for moral principle a long time ago, has become such a warmonger – in cahoots with the Israeli Zionist government, supporting them in their hegemonic ambitions in that region – and it is Russia that is leading the way into a new, better era. What a farce. What a tragedy. 

  • America needs to get back on track, to its founding principles. Or it will become irrelevant to the world’s next, more positive, steps. Be left behind in the wash. 

  • Who would ever have thunk it, given our founding; whereby we – by championing human freedom from overweening authority – were supposed to be the guiding light into a New Era for the whole of humanity; the flagship of the fleet of nation-states sailing into the New World.  Instead, here we are: a pitiful giant with no morals. Disgusting stuff. I am mortified beyond measure.

  • We need a housecleaning, and pronto.


And speaking of; this, from this weekend as well:

3) from 'Obama's Reckoning Is Here' - Larry Klayman - Sept. 21
(Reporting the outcome of his Citizens' Grand Jury indictment of Obama, for defrauding the American people, and calling for a massing of The People in Washington on Nov. 19 to tell Obama to resign) 

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago [just gone past midnight into Sept. 22]
And the Oathkeepers, Larry. Don’t forget to mention the Oathkeepers – retired and active. To be in the vanguard of the Assembly of The People, in point of fact. In a nonviolent show of civil disobedience; and loyalty to the American Republic. Now facing its most ignoble - or finest - hour.
Which is it to be, Citizen??


paidtroll a day ago
It is also at least the second Citizen's Grand Jury convened by Klayman that has indicted Obama.
If anyone has a more accurate count of the number of Citizen's Grand Juries that have indicted Obama since 2008, kindly post the number on this thread.
In 2009, after a Citizen's Grand Jury convened by Pastor James David Manning indicted Obama, Obama was found guilty of Treason and sedition and sentenced to a long term in prison by yet another citizen's court.
I am sure that by now you all know that the US Government has no intention whatsoever of acting on the indictments of any of these citizen grand juries.
Keeping this in mind -
Besides making yourselves feel better, what do you people get out of these Citizen Grand Jury indictments and Citizen Court convictions?
I am sincerely curious.

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  • byronmullet paidtroll 18 hours ago

  • To try and answer your question...Maybe Obama, the closest thing to a "son of a slave" to win the presidency so far, is just using "empowerment lingo" (waiving arming terrorists laws, disregarding laws he doesn't like etc. suing states who do things he doesn't like...crony capitalism, redistributing to whom he likes...) which "feeds" his "sons of slaves" base? We, the so-called "sons of the slave owners" refuse to accept this mantle, however, they think they need/are entitled to, a whipping post with us on it, and will not be denied their time in the sun. So, maybe till all the inherited pent up frustration and Wizard of Oz/Bernanke stimulus dollars are gone, we are stuck with "feel good" citizen's courts and feel good retorts here and other places. They have their hands, figuratively speaking, over their ears anyway, Boehner and others, are just trying to limit the damage to the Republic, by this apparently ineligible "representative of slaves", Barak Obama, and his "sons of slaves" lawless rhetoric /damn accounting principles/damn the slave owners Constitution rage, hoping when it's over, we the people, all the people (since secular/social engineering/liberalism obvious to all finally, failed) (if their is a country left) can still put humpty dumpty (America) back together again. In this scenario, Barak Obama is just rising to the occasion and playing a role. Our "patriot's" agitation, just makes whipping America's past, that much sweeter. Ironically, the old south "Civil War era" democrats, retooled themselves into the present era Progressive/whitey crowd of sympathizer's, cheering on the public air wave beatings of the children, (us conservatives) of the "Civil War north, while legislating further entitlement slavery and godless/freedom eliminating bondage to sinful/pagan/perverted/lazy/you can't without government lifestyle family/country destroying "feel good" programs. Hows that for a synopsis? 
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    • paidtroll byronmullet 16 hours ago

      As long as it makes you feel better about things, I say do it.
      The feel good antics of Birthers are harmless and in fact serve the
      legitimate purpose of keeping Birthers out of the way of Government by 

    • placating them and hopefully preventing them from otherwise getting
      themselves physically hurt or locked up for long periods of time due to the seriousness of crimes they might otherwise commit due to their displeasure at the fact that Obama is their President.
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      • kibitzer3 paidtroll a few seconds ago  [late Sept. 21]

      • Clarification, paidtroll: He is not the President. He is a Usurper.  And as such, does not deserve the honor of being called the real thing.

      • The closest anybody could rightfully get to that designation for him would be to call him the pResident.

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