Thursday, 26 September 2013

Two Roads, Diverging

On the one hand…

1) from wnd: 'The Terror Threat Within U.S. Military' - Joseph Farah - Sept. 26
(about Muslim chaplains being positioned in the military by jihad proponents)  

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago
Agreed, Joseph. Although not quite.
It's not "insanity".
It has been planned that way.
It's not the enemy outside the gates that we need to be wary of. It's the enemy within the gates. Currently waging war on us. And we seem to think - largely - that it's just bumbling unprofessionalism.
It's very professional.
And has been for years.
Time to take our blinkers off. And realize what's going on for what it is. And start acting accordingly.
Not just taking defensive measures.
But taking the war to the enemy.
Who we have outnumbered. For now. At least until an amnesty kicks in. And until They take away the kinds of self-defense weaponry that can give Patriots a decent chance at giving Them solid second thoughts about a (false flag op-induced) declaration of Martial Law, and its associated sweep to take away ALL our weapons of self-defense, a la the New Orleans trial run.
How many more signals do They need to send, to let us know fully what they're up to??  And who would be the 'insane' ones THEN???


…and on the other hand:

2) 2012: What's the 'real' truth?: 'Navy Yard shooting: media dump shocking storyline by Jon Rappoport' - Sept. 26

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  • kibitzer3 says:
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  • September 27, 2013 at 2:23 am 

  • One of these days the MSM is going to start doing its job, and informing the public – as RL’s post alludes to – that the technology to ‘run’ people is there, and has been for years; complete with the transmitting of voices in their heads, and emotions induced, of fear, anger, violence, etc.

  • One of these days…when the truth-telling begins, and the play-acting in our 3D theater starts drawing to a close, and we wake up to that fact to the degree that we can never go back to the old ways again.
    But that had better start happening soon. The Cabal are getting panicky, as they ‘grok’ that their power is waning. Dangerous times immediately ahead. All lightworkers need to keep their wits about them, and send out only Love, to help with the transition. Or we become part of the problem. 


So: two ways to go, in response to the totalitarians running things.  Of the two ways, the second is the highest.

But it sure is easy to feel like kicking some ass…

…which is what I do feel like, sometimes.  (Hence the first of these responses.)

Maybe I'm just being programmed, when I feel that way……have to watch that………...

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