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Of Nation-Trashing, Gordian Knots, and White Lights

First, deep in the body of the beast:

from 'The Theatre of Barack Obama: The Show Must Go On' - Monte Kuligowski - Sept. 21 (as reposted at - Sept.21)
(A listing of all the 'sins' of Obama, as allowed him by a complicit MSM, and a cowardly Congress; with the SCOTUS managing to avoid getting caught up in the kerfuffle) 

kibitzer2 a few seconds ago  [Sept. 21]
Well put, Monte. Well put indeed.

I think that the American MSM should be put almost even with Obama for responsibility, and guilt, for this atrocious nation-trashing mess that we have had to endure for these past 5 years, with Obama trashing the Constitution every which way that he could. And the Republican Party put even with the Democrat Party one step behind the BHO/MSM foxtrot dance duo. The Democrat Party honchos, for orchestrating the hijacking of the American presidency; but the Republican Party controllers right with them, in a conspiratorial quid-pro-quo deal with them. For, the Democrats would never have been able to get away with this heist if the Republicans hadn't allowed it to happen; for their own purposes, and (ineligible-candidate) bite at the apple.
When the truth of this caper outs - as it will - both political parties need to be rendered asunder, and salt spread on their remains; that they never rise again, for what they have done to the American Republic. And as for BHO and the MSM...I leave it to your imagination, as to what I think should happen to them. I don't want this post to get too grisly in the telling.


Next, a bit on the edge:

On what turns out to be the fall Equinox - a natural turning point - I have made a major decision, for my peace of mind.  I have become inundated with requests for donations to worthy causes (mostly, but not exclusively, of a political - conservative/constitutional -nature).  Can't keep up with it all; feeling swamped.  And many now even desperate for money here at the end of their fiscal years, to meet their budgets.  How do you decide between them all???  They're all worthy causes... today I pulled an Alexander the Great, with the conundrum of the Gordian Knot facing him (as a test): My answer - message to myself - was: 'You don't.' 

 I just cut through it all.  The lot: off.  As of today: All stop. 

Mental state: solved, in one fell swoop.  

...and interestingly, have found myself thinking a bit more about Alexander.  Every once in awhile I catch myself wondering if I am doing all that I should be doing, which brings up the issue, for me, of Who am I, really.  I sometimes feel a huge load on my shoulders; but also, the desire to take on a huge load.   To help humanity cut through the Gordian knot that it has tied for itself to solve, by saying: 'Come on, people.  Wake up.  This is all just Theatre. [See above article, for more on this take on things.]  Reincarnation tells us that We Are One Another - playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama of our making - and so there is a - the - reality behind it all, where our essences, our souls, come from, and that's where we need to get to, concentrate on; and leave the play-acting behind, for that Real Thing.  Since there is (obviously) a Meaning to all this; and that is what we need to unfold.  Not more of the illusion we are currently in, on this stage, of 3D life; this theatre in the round, of the Wheel of Karma, endlessly playing itself out, until we wake up from the dream.'

Which brings me to the next stage of this sharing:


the Third, wrapping-up Act.  I envision, in the not-too-distant future - in fact, very soon now; for it is what I incarnated for at this time, and I am near my allotted time - a culminating phase of our experience here on this stage, of 3-D life.  That we will have played our way out to a curtain call, rather than simply another go-'round of the incarnate experience.  As the information unfolds for us at this point in time of such as

a) the cyclic nature of history; that we incarnates do, indeed, just keep playing out the drama in succeeding cycles of time; and so, we can no longer keep up the pretense, once we understand so clearly that we are, indeed, just playing parts on a stage; and 

b) the end of the international monetary system; having played itself out, to a point of collapse under the weight of its built-in contradictions; which is occurring just as humanity is being given the gift of Abundance, through the releasing of huge caches of gold.  All of which is giving us the opportunity to move beyond the old paradigm shortly and institute a system of exchange based, not on the profit-motive system, that got us into such a difficult Gordian-knot situation in the first place, but on the highest motive there is, and could ever be: on gratitude to our Creator for life with Meaning.  On, in a word, Love. 

Which signals the end of the exercise, of a degree of separation from the Godhead - our wandering in the wilderness, accompanied with little but our free will; and the whispering of the still, small voice within, that 'There is more, far more, than this, Wanderer.  Keep searching - that is to say, listening - and you will find it.  Hint hint: On the other side of the rainbow.'  

And speaking of things on the other side of the seen realm; this is my image, to end this sharing on:*

After a period of 'time' - still in time - wherein we humans experience Abundance on the physical/material plane, and free energy devices, and such - are given a Grace period to glory in the creative abilities that we have, as aspects of a highly creative Creator; to experience the delight of working with the Creation and Its inbuilt energies - I envision the Wayshowers standing on the threshold of a large portal - aka a stargate - filled with and from which beams a great Light, and they say to those other-self incarnate souls standing back a bit, awestruck and a touch afraid, "Come with us into the Light.  Don't worry.  It is your next step, too;" and they then step - very willingly; as Wayshowers, remembering what it is like on the other side of incarnation in the Matrix - into the Light, and are swallowed up in it, and by it; immediately being rendered formless in it, for being Light themselves - in their Light bodies.  

And those incarnate other-selves still a bit behind them stand, still a bit hesitant; weighing the situation (not having accessed their memories the way the Wayshowers have).  Do they give up everything on this side of the portal - of the rainbow - i.e, everything they are familiar with; for the unknown on the other side of their decision???...

 But it is a brilliant, golden-white Light,,,it does feel like, right......but it is, too, like, permanent.........

...but it would be of the Meaning of it all; which, obviously, resides beyond the stage of the Theatre......

Your call.

As always.



* This is not to mention Contact with/Disclosure of our Galactic neighbors, and various Ascended Masters.  But not to extend this sharing too far.  One can only take in so much at one sitting.

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