Wednesday, 11 September 2013

'There Really Is A Black Mob Violence Epidemic'

from wnd: 'There Really Is A Black Mob Violence Epidemic' - Joseph Farah - Sept. 8

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  [now the early a.m. of Sept. 9]
A decent response to Bonnie, Joseph; well done.

The fish is rotting from its head. When AG Holder's DOJ won't prosecute those Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philly; when the same dept. brings to trial on trumped-up civil rights violations police officers who arrest illegal aliens, and use the taxpayers' money to keep after them in the courts via the Appeals process; when the same dept. won't uphold the terms of the Voting Rights Act to 'true the vote' - in order to get to vote integrity in this country - but, rather does the opposite, and cynically labels such measures 'voter suppression'; when the same dept's FBI doesn't go after the victimizer but after the victim; when a Trayvon Martin incident is hyped to legendary proportions but black-on-white crimes go unreported - it is obvious to one and all that a message is being sent by this administration: it's 'payback' time; Whitey is fair game.
If only it were that simple, and America entered into a real racial dialogue to overcome the challenge. But people like Bonnie need to wake up to the fact that what is really going on, beneath the rhetoric of 'racial relations in the country,' is a socialist revolution; and the black community is being used as cannon fodder in that revolution, by experts in this field. This whole thing, then, is being orchestrated, for socialist takeover in and of the country. Don't look to the feral black young men on the streets hunting in packs for your culprit. Look to the smooth-talking older black men in suits and ties in the Obama administration; and their white compatriots in the attempted takeover of the country, to turn it from a federal constitutional republic into a centralized socialist dictatorship.
And the idiot banker and corporate elite who are feeding the flames with THEIR excesses, thinking they will come out on top of any revolution in the end, are just as subject to condemnation. But that's another subject. For now: The People - black, brown, and white - need to understand what is going on REALLY, and how they are being used, manipulated, to further evil ends. Evil - not just 'political' - as in the denying of free will of individuals, in their mass incarceration in a totalitarian society. Whose spearhead, of the Obama administration, needs to be removed. By the military; for being - very clearly by now; and with the likes of wholesale spying on the public's communications, and drones over America, and other such outrages - an enemy of the American Republic, and its rule of law, the Constitution. And the members of Congress who are and have been part of this chicanery to be removed from office as well.
Not as in 'voted out'. But as in removed. For, crimes have been committed. Not just 'political differences of opinion'. These criminals need to be removed, and tried in courts of law. Real, upstanding law: the kind that the constitutional Framers intended for there to be, in this new country for the ages.
Which it can still prove itself to be. Of a positive kind. Not the negative one, that it is heading into being, as we speak.

Before we leave it all behind.  Having harvested the benefit of all the lessons we can learn from this realm.  Including the final one:

that We Are All One.  That there is no 'other'.  The most accurate we can call 'others' is 'other-selves'. 

And how long can you continue to fight, and hate, and give a hard time to, 'others' when you realize that they are really your 'other-selves'???

Think about it.

And then act on it.  In your daily life.  And thereby help the move away from error and into Truth.

And the end of the exercise, in this illusory stage of the soul's advancement on the stairway to the heavens.


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