Monday, 30 September 2013

Top Of The Mark

I have talked recently in these pages about taking over now the running of my country (as I feel it).  What would I do, with my country.

Two stages.

One.  I prefer, and prefer to live in, a free country.  For example.  It's none of my business who an employer chooses to employ.  If the owner of a business that caters primarily to a Korean clientele chooses to employ only Korean-American employees, that's his or her business.  Or even if it doesn't cater primarily to a specific clientele, whether national or racial or sexual, or any other category.  That is that owner's business - and literally.  Let them get on with life in a free country.  

The state in America should stop running people's lives for them.  If a restaurant or bar  - private or public - wants to cater exclusively to a Japanese clientele, or black, or white, or female, or LGBT, or Catholic, or Jew, or Hindu - that's its business.  The state should keep its long nose out of it.

Yes yes; I understand that there is a long history in this country of the 'oppression' of the black Americans.  (I may even have been one of them myself, in a past life; and know that one from personal experienced.)  But if the Civil Rights movement were really interested in breaking down racial barriers in this country - rather than using that social matter simply as a tool for gaining power for statists - I would draw your attention to the Jackie Robinson story: The People dealing with these things themselves, in their ways.  That is to say: In the way of what can happen in a free country.  As an example to the world of another way to handle these things, than creating a monstrous state, holding The People in its coercive grip.2  In an example of Liberty over Equality.        

Mark the difference between those two qualities.  

One is a mark of freedom.  The other is a mark of coercion.

The first was the result of the American Revolution.  The second was the result of the French Revolution.

Take your pick.  But stop trying to impose the French Revolution's mentality onto the American Revolution's stance, regarding an Ideal State.3

Two bottom lines here.  
1) Grievance mongers, like the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, should get a life.  And AG Eric Holder, who is spearheading his department's jihad against white police officers who arrest illegal aliens with some 'controversy' in the takedown - of any kind, legitimate or manufactured1- should himself be arrested, for blatantly criminal conduct.  Which includes his spearheading of the DOJ's targeting of state 'voter ID' legislation - those states trying to bring their voting system into some sense of integrity, against its takeover by the Left.  The details of which I'll pass at this time, for the sake of keeping this blog to a reasonable length.  And

2) Personally, I want to see what people do, and will do, when they are free to.  I want them to see what they will do when they are free to.
     And let the cream rise to the top.4  

     Because we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - are learning lessons in this 3D life, and arena of duality/polarity/seeming separation.  Are exercising ourselves against a 'dark side' of our consciousness: to see what we will do.  How well we will deal with its challenges.  In short: How fast will we grow out of our childhood stage of spiritual development - in the lower grades of the School of Life - and move on, to claim our spiritual adulthood.

      Which brings me to

The second stage.  Once we get - really get - what life is all about, we can move on, into its advanced stages.  Which includes 

a) leaving behind the training-wheeled tricycle of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other, and trading it in for a new form of 'economic' transport.  I put 'economic' in quotes, because once we start getting to this stage of understanding what life is all about, we can leave the days of 'want' behind, and move into the days of tapping into the abundance of the universe, just waiting for us to claim it - with the key to unlocking it.  Which is to engage in the exchange of goods and services - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the old-age one of profit.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.
     There may well need be a time of transition, into this 'total' state of consciousness, when we release the old form of money - and the humongous debt that it has created - and move into an era of a (global) medium of exchange backed by gold, and/or other precious metals, and/or a basket of commodities.  But the point of the exercise will be to get to a moneyless system of exchange; and just as soon as possible.  To let Abundance flow freely.
     As for what we will be exchanging with each other:

b) so-called 'free energy devices,' ready and waiting in the wings for us to inherit them; being a game-changer in regards to running an 'economy'.  For this means that energy, for all practical purposes, will be free.  Tapped into, out of the 'aether' of old supposition, now understood to be.  To say: out of the 'background'/intrinsic energy that manifests - 'propels' - the universe.  
     These devices being a feature of the time of our humanoid-stage of development wherein we start tapping into

c) our further 'mental' capabilities; of the likes of teleportation, and telepathy, and time travel, and dematerialization5 - 

Well; not to overwhelm you, with the features of graduate school.

But you get the idea.

That we are at a Turning Point.  Into a Golden Age.

Which includes the understanding that We Are One Another.

That there is no 'other'.

That there are only other-selves.

Until we make our way back to total Unity.

But - 

First things first.  

We have to learn how the darn thing works, beyond the initial, tricycle stage, that we have been in for - long enough, now.

Hint.  It works by Love.

The Love of the Creator for Her/His Creation. 

Which includes the key ingredient of 

forgiveness.  Of others.  To say as well: Of Ourselves.

Welcome to the first day of graduate school. 

And hang on. 

It's going to be an amazing ride.                     



1 The latter of which there are many examples, where the arresting officers are simply being harassed, with civil (rights) charges, by an out-of-control Attorney General and his thug flunkies at his so-called Department of Justice.  

2 How long would it have taken to break down the Jim Crow mentality in the South with the likes of post-color-barrier NL and AL and NBA and NFL teams refusing to stay in whites-only hotels???  
     Do you understand what I'm saying?  There could be whites-only hotels and restaurants - and the public is free to give its custom to whomsoever it chooses to.  In a free country.

3 A bit more on this issue of the difference between Liberty and Equality, free enterprise and socialism.  Question: Why should a man or woman work hard just to have their hard-earned income - their fairly-obtained personal earnings - substantially taken away from them, in confiscatory-level, 'progressive' taxes, and given to people who don't work as hard???
     This is the political philosophy/concept of 'equality', taken towards its extreme; which is: equality of outcome.  Not equality of input.  But equality of outcome.  Not equality of opportunity.  But equality of outcome.
     As in communism.  Which should be rejected, as innately unfair.
     If one person works harder than another - puts more effort into the pot - they deserve the fruits of their labors.  As recognized under the labor principle of payment via piecework: the more you produce of something, the more income you make -
     for yourself.
     That's not greed.  That's justice.
     The something-for-noting mentality has got to go, if you would advance on your spiritual path.  Which is, actually, all there is.

4 To say: To see how individuals spend their money; including what services to society they perform with it.  Or not.
     You know: freedom.
     As opposed to (state-mandated) equality.
     Which is no test of anything.  Except a free people's patience.  Before they declare their independence from such -
     you know -

5 supported in all this by our Galactic neighbors, and assorted Celestial beings; celebrating our coming-of-age.

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