Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Audacity of Deceit

I have been speaking a lot about Truth and Justice in these pages. how the Truth will out regarding, say,  9/11, and Obama; and how Justice is built in to 'the system', via the working of the Law of Karma.  But let's go to the subject of justices themselves, for a bit of a change of pace.  

Among the many requests for 'worthy cause' donations I receive, one that I just got to today floored me.  It was a mailing from an outfit calling itself the National Committee To Defend America, and it featured on its envelope a grabby graphic: the pictures of Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg on one side of a big red 'VS' a photo of Chief Justice John Roberts; with the caption at the top: 'A pitched battle over Muslim Law has begun at the Supreme Court!' and at the bottom: 'We are outnumbered 2-1 in the battle to BAN Muslim Law in America, and we need your help!' 

Now, I have come across this basic info from other organizations; primarily how some judge in New Jersey acquitted a Muslim man charged with raping his wife "because the liberal judge said Muslim Law required wives to submit to their husbands".1  And are we then to allow genital mutilation of Muslim girls in this country because it is a Muslim practice???  The answer, of course, is: Nonsense.  We go by American jurisprudence in this country.  But what really caught my eye - besides the specific fact that "A study by the Center for Security Policy reported there have already been 50 court cases in 23 states where Muslim Law was used to render a verdict" - was the rationale used by Justice Sotomayor to support her position in these matters.  A first quote from her on the issue: "International law and foreign law will be very important in the discussion of how we think about the unsettled issues in our own legal system."  I'm not sure what she means by "unsettled issues'"  But that's not what stunned me in this mailing.  

I was aware, from previous info from other sources about Justice Ginsberg, that she was an advocate for "referring to foreign law" in some matters, and so I was aware that that was a potential issue to be looked at, by the American public, beyond just the Supreme Court justices themselves..  What got me about this mailing was that Cliff Kincaid researched further into Justice Sotomayor's position on this subject, and came up with a quote from a book that she wrote, in support of Foreign Law: that she wants to "learn from foreign law and the international community when interpreting our Constitution".2


So that's how bad all this socialistic crap has gotten, that Obama brought into the federal government with him, like debris from a comet.

Ms. Sotomayor, with all due respect (which is nil in the instance):

You have only one guide to go by in interpreting the Constitution.  And that is the intent of those who crafted the law, and whose explanatory remarks of said intent, if such there be in the record, or were needed, was used by those who supported or rejected the proposal.  Since the Constitution in its essence is a contract - NOT the 'living document' that judicial relativists have tried to make it out to be, subject to the personal-proclivity whims of the Humpty Dumpties sitting on high in all their royal splendor - it cannot be changed without the consent of the parties to it.  And especially in this federal constitutional republic.  

It's fortunate for America - for the American Republic, let me clarify - that the lady in question will be stepping down from that honorable post anyway, having been an appointee of the Usurper; all of whose such appointees will be declared null and void, for coming from an ineligible person in the office.  In this soon-to-become best of all possible worlds; once it is set right.

Which is precisely what I for one am here for.  And you should check yourself out, too, on the inner, for your role in this process as well.  This process, of, now, Ascension.

For we chose to be here at a this time, for this purpose; in the wrapping-up of the 3D 'story' that we have been engaged in, for time immemorial.  Incarnating over and over, as now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female; not of one race or religion or nationality, now of another.  To learn lessons from the experiences; and to learn primarily to see everything from all sides.  Gaining wisdom in the process.  What it is - has been - all for.

One might venture to say (and I dare you; since I have much more to say on the subject, and need only a small opening to dart through and go for daylight) that I should gain some wisdom in the process, and see that nations rise and nations fall, and I am just trying to hold something back that needs to 'run its course'; for America to succumb to 'the inevitable,' and be taken over by the non-white races, and turned into the socialist utopia that those People want it to be, for them.  To all of which, I say:

Not my country, you don't.  It was raised up for a purpose, beyond just the inevitable rising and falling of nations throughout history, for the souls involved to learn their lessons - until they get it right.         

We have it right, right now: 

the ultimate clash between individual rights and group rights; and theism and atheism.

Thesis and antithesis; setting up a Synthesis.

And you collectivists - for believing in an all-powerfuf state, running, and controlling,  people's lives to within an inch of them - essentially lose.  In this culminating cyclic stage of the historical process.

So that we can go into a stage of personal and collective soul development where both sides of the equation win - on a higher level than the presenting action-reaction Crisis one - for both of them having a piece of the (ultimate) Truth.

And that's Justice for you, too.



1 quoting from the covering letter to the mailing by Cliff Kincaid, President of the NCTDA.   

2 quoting her, not Kincaid.

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