Friday, 5 June 2015

Addition To Last Night's Late Entry

additional from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Candidate for President, TED CRUZ, responds to question about how to stop the onslaught of islam in America’ - June 4

(A female poster contributed an article about how ‘Obama Was Handpicked. Was NOT a Natural Born Citizen’.  The article is about the numerous attempts leading up to the '08 national political nominating conventions to get a constitutional amendment on the NBC issue going through Congress - and the backers's failure each time to get it even out of committee.  Which is evidence, not only of the political sensitivity around the issue, but that THEY KNEW what the definition of an NBC was, and is.  But, first things first...)

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This site has been deleted "by the author".  Curious.  Do you have any forwarding info on this material/ subject, Elaine?  
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Reply by Elaine Morris 2 hours ago

I'll see if I can find It.
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It is everywhere on  Google:
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Thank you for this, Elaine. 

Important stuff.  I see by the Comments threads that some of the Obots try to argue that there are only two kinds of citizens, naturalized or natural born, one, and two, that the constitutional Framers were going by English common law.  Wrong on both counts.  There is a difference between a born citizen and a natural born citizen.  A born citizen need only have one (U.S.) citizen parent.  And two: They were decidedly NOT going by English common law.  For one thing, that speaks of natural born SUBJECTS.  Those men were decidedly not 'subjects' any longer.  They were freemen, sovereigns in their own right. and damn proud it - having fought a war of independence to gain that birthright.  They were going by American common law, or Natural Law; as defined by E. de Vattel in his definitive tome, 'The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law'.   Which they were known to be familiar with - and if some among them weren't, their respected elder mentor, Benjamin Franklin, sitting right there amongst them as a delegate to the proceedings, had 3 copies of that reference book to lend to them, if need be.  (There was also a copy of it in the library of the very building that they were meeting in.) 

This whole charade has been devised to accomplish the demise of the Constitution - rendering it a dead letter; "just a damn piece of paper," as the erstwhile despot before the current one called it - and, with the rule of law thus rendered moot, to enhance the rise of our erstwhile masters' New World Order.  These despicable people - on both sides of the political aisle - need to be put in their place.

Which is prison.  For a good, long while.
To give them time to repent. While the rest of us start our ascent, to a Better Day.  Just waiting on the horizon, of this crowning, constitutional crisis.


We are on the verge of moving out of the Valley of the Shadow of Darkness, now, with the rise of this crisis.

The sunlit highlands await us.

As we speak.

As they say.


(Elaine's response to my post above:)

Clinton should be the 2nd one to go.....
And Hillary; indeed.
'Four Men Died - She Lied.'
And her selling 'access' to government policy; like a common criminal.  Her and Bill, with their, ahem, 'foundation'.  Have there ever been a larger couple of sleazemeisters???
But there IS a better day coming. If only because things could hardly get worse...  :-)

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