Monday, 1 June 2015

On Looking At The Details...

...And Getting Them Right

I find I still cringe and get irritated when I read posters’ contributions on blog/article sites in which are multiple misspellings and bad, yes, even outrightly wrong grammar.  I get mad all over again at the teaching profession for letting those standards slip so terribly; in favor, I read in my research into the matter, of ‘letting it all hang out’ - that is to say, under the cover of the idea of ‘just express yourself, don’t let the grammatical details get in your way,’ and all that knowing malarkey.  I say ‘’knowing,’ because ‘they’ know precisely what they are doing, are up to: ‘they’1 don’t want you looking at the detail of things.  ’They’ want you to just look at what they want you to look at, and draw your conclusions from that set of paradigms.

Case in point: the subject that I brought up in a recent Comments thread, and posted on my blog here: the Sandy Hook Elementary School ‘thing’.  About which the senior police officer in charge even had the temerity to tell the assembled press & media not to get their information from people on the Internet - you can’t trust those people, doncha know; all those ‘conspiracy theory’ nuts and such - but to get their info just from them/the authorities.  Yeah, right.  As if we, the public will learn anything trustworthy from those bozos.  Well, maybe enough to keep most of the public ’sweet;’ ’on side’.  But not true truthseekers.

Among whom I am proud to number myself.

And here, I was going to go into detail on all the ‘details’ of that scam operation, that it would behoove you, the average member of the gullible public, to know about.2  But I have just realized that it would, really, do no good for me to do your homework for you.  The only way that such truths will sink in indelibly will be for you to seek such information out for yourself.

It’s available.  All you have to do is look for it.

To - that is to say - look more closely, at things that are going down in our day and age.

A hint, in this particular instance: Prof. James Fetzer is a good source of info on this particular scam.  As on others.    

Good hunting.  

Much depends on it.

Our very federal constitutional Republic depends on it.


your doing your public duty, as a citizen of a self-governing republic.

NOT a bought-and-paid-for subject, of a growing tyrannical enterprise.

Taking on the form of one gigantic global octupus.

As we speak.    


1 those ‘professionals’ who have taken over our education system, to serve their ideological end.  Which is socialism, and its attendant development of The Big Central State; running people’s lives to within an inch of them.  These ‘professionals’ have been at it since at least the time of John Dewey. Another subject.  But deeply relevant to our time and place.

2 And perhaps go into other such ‘missing detail’ subjects as well.  Such as the Osama bin Laden supposed takedown, with its phony photo of our Dear Leaders supposedly watching a live feed from the helmet of one of the SEALS involved in the caper, but which subsequently had to be remarked on as not having been of that after all.  But what were they looking at, then??  They were looking at having done their job, of leaving that image in the public’s mind; and the details would not occupy their minds too much, as aftermath of that lasting imagery.  
   And the same with the image given out of the - supposed - face of bin Laden after having been - supposedly - killed; which, likewise, turned out not to be the case.   But who knows, or remembers, that detail, of that aspect of that caper??  And the supposed burial at sea, about which there was, or is, no real evidence.  But then, there’s that lingering iconic image, of a casket being slid into the sea, with an attending American naval contingent.
   Uh-huh.  And I saw that movie, too…

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