Tuesday, 30 June 2015

On Reflecting On One's Life Experiences

An interesting thing happened to me (just gone) yesterday on my daily walk.  I had chosen to go down to the waterfront on my walk back from my outbound (regular) trip to the Post Office, and after just sitting in the sun for awhile, enjoying the waterscape - with the Queen Mary in the background of my 'shot' - I was heading to join the beach paved walk back to my local beach access point, when I saw some young guys running from the volleyball courts towards a crowd of people ahead of me.  As I drew closer I saw that some black and Hispanic kids were starting to square off with one another, in a fist fight.  I instantly thought of a sullen young black kid I had seen on the sidewalk downtown some months ago - maybe even a year ago, now; I have little note of time, these days in my retired life - with a hand-made sign, telling of his disgust with trying to find a job but being beat out for any on his ill-trained level by illegal Hispanic aliens.  I remembered thinking at the time how that was, indeed, a problem, that needed to be sorted out, and as soon as possible; but, being a believer in a New Age a'coming, - complete with its kingdom of Heaven; as noted in my last blog - I figured that it would have to wait until the new 'economic' - read, rather, monetary - system could come into being, when we would leave the world of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking behind, and live "as One," in the words of Lennon.  That's John Lennon.  Not that other 'Lennon': Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.  Who believed in bringing all this sort of thing about by force.  Which is precisely what will always keep it being simply a utopia.

Anyway, there these guys were, with one from each 'camp' about to engage in fisticuffs, as I approached.  I thought: How sad - and kept right on walking, towards them.  Suddenly, the Hispanic kid - who was being the most provocative, complete with practice jabs - gave his position up and went over to a friend and started talking with him, and things immediately calmed down.  I walked right on through the scene, and continued peacefully on my way; and got thinking, of what I might have done, if they had continued to engage in their squareoff.  And it occurred to me that a wise thing that I might have done would be to stop and just stand there, between them, and say, low and calmly to them both (not looking at either of them, so as not to be possibly accused of 'choosing sides'):

'Come on, guys.  Let it go.  This, too, shall pass away...Do you realize that you might be saving each other's lives if you were in the military together?  Let it move on.  We have work to do together.  Leave all this stuff behind.'  And if I were really brave, and chose to push my luck, I might have added:

'So come on.  Shake hands.  And let's move it on.'    

None of that happened.  I walked on through that space, and went calmly and peacefully on my way.

But next time, I hope that I am up to the job, of helping to defuse something like that in a little more positive way.

Could I get hurt?  Well; yes.  But hey - I'm an old man.  I've got nothing better to do than take walks around my former hometown's downtown area.  If I get hurt, so what?  I've had my innings.  Better to try to do something about our life situations, than just continue walking around, doing, and being, no good to anybody the way I am now.  

Besides, a little activity never 'hurt' anybody.  So to speak.  Engaging with life, and all that.

Even if one is more in the world, than of it.


P.S.  And as if right on cue, I closed down my computer for the night, and got to some of the rest of my day’s mail before going to bed - and opened a letter from one of my most worthy causes, asking me if I have made a will, etc.

Yes, I have.

I have made a will to ascend.

In my lifetime.  With a ‘harvested’ batch of my brothers and sisters.  In our physical bodies.  For a first, for humans, in that category of experiences.1

But if I start thinking of doing dangerous things, like trying to walk into the middle of and defuse race-related situations, maybe I should start reconsidering my position…   :-)

As for this kingdom of Heaven business:

E.g., one of the letters that I received at the same time was from a legal outfit that just won a court case for a high school student who shared his Christian belief with some of his classmates, including some ”literature distribution,” and was slapped down for it, including being suspended and threatened with being expelled, by his school authorities, for its being not only against his school policy but his school district’s policy.  Which policy included not allowing a student to pass out copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (nothing allowed other than what the student creates him- or herself).  So, a win for free speech and religious freedom. Which I am all for.  Both. 

Now.  Jesus, walking on water, and turning water into wine, and dying and being resurrected in three days,and so forth: Do I believe that story?  No.  But I will defend to the death a person’s right not only to believe it, but to share it with others.2


1 Although altered somewhat, to make the ‘leap,’ from 3D to 5D; from carbon-based to crystalline-based.  A whole ‘nother story.

2 These were all attributes of various ancient gods, that were routinely passed down to the new deity on the block, as the precession of the equinoxes took place.  So, I would prefer that Truth were disseminated.  But in any event: This is a free country.  Let the people decide for themselves what they believe.  Or not.
   See D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S, for detailed explanations of all this.    
   (So, if I don’t believe in the Jesus myth, why do I believe in a coming kingdom of Heaven?  Ah.  That’s an interesting story.
   But to conclude this particular blog, here.)

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