Monday, 15 June 2015

I Am Touched

On this, my birthday, I find that I am touched by something that Sandra Walter has just recently written:

"Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

"The Solstice Gateway is well underway.  I AM sure many of you are experiencing the increase in revelation/expansion activity.

"We graciously arrive at the midway point between the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gates, halfway through this year of Mastery.  We witness our transformation and make adjustments as Solstice turns up the intensity.

"The acceleration has a momentum of its own, which is driven by Cosmic forces.  For our own cognition, emotional stability, and determination to complete the task at hand, we focus on the frequencies of Divine Love which support embodiment... "1
The frequencies of Divine Love which support embodiment...
I don't know about a lot of this sort of thing, that I read daily.  It's part of my daily spiritual practice, to see how sensitive people are feeling, about where we're at, and what we're here to do, and what's up for them.  And this business about Blood Moons...well, my response is: Who knows.  All I know is,  I am feeling the need for Something Big To Happen.  Maybe 'the need' is not the most correct description.  For me, it's more like a natural culmination of Time.
And time.  To say: my personal time.  I am, as they say, 'getting on'.  I don't have much time left, in this current paradigm.  As I have been reminded today, by my email box full of birthday greetings from Facebook Friends.  Now, I know that this Facebook thing is a bit of a con job; and can even be connected to the federal government's surveillance of us potential 'domestic terrorists,' against the statist takeover TPTB have planned for us, for their New World Order, of totalitarian control, to kick in.  And to be resisted, by all right-minded people, for the con job that it is.  But the reception of birthday greetings from names from my past has been curiously touching this time.        
One was from a female whose Orientation program for joining the spiritual community where I spent a large part of my adult life I was the co-leader of (called 'focaliser' in our community), and who informed me that my co-focaliser died last year.  A woman, years my junior.
Time flies...
And the memories bought back by these names from my past...I left that community a few years back now, because it was time to; and in part, because it was - in my estimation - drifting from its original intent.  I had joined it when those of us who were there were there for one simple reason: to be of service to it, because it was being of service to the world, in exemplifying such concepts as Work Is Love In Action, and Perfection In All Things.2  The point was, simply, Service.  Service to Others, in the words of the Law of One channeled material that I came across late along my spiritual/life path, and which material resonated with me.  We were certainly not there 'for the money'.  Those of us who had become Staff - after paying a membership fee - got a little pocket money, called 'allowance;' and when our money had run out, from savings or parents or whatever source, and 'our time was up,' we moved on - back out into the commercial world, after our time of Service.  As the years wore on - of expectation for many of us in the coming of a New Age - and the world's economy began to go sour, more members wanted to spend more time there; until - to put it bluntly: rather than a spiritual community with members, it was becoming, in consciousness, more like a workshop centre with employees.  My take on the matter.  In any event: It became time for me to go.
But I have a fond recollection of many of those incarnate souls.  We were there, together, on the spiritual path, at a particular point in time and place.  And they will always have a special place in my heart. 
And I think that that's all, really,  that I wanted to say, here, and now. 
Except a little short message of support, to my former co-focaliser:
Blessings, Anna.  It was very nice knowing you.  
In the best sense of the word.  
No; I'll add a little something else.  Musings that came my way today.  I'll call it: For What It's Worth.
For What It's Worth
It's the End of The Drama
And the Beginning of
The Reality
On this about-to-be constructed
Nova Earth
By all of us, together
In harmony
And unison.
For what it's worth.
And I don't know why this script is skipping a line, or how to correct it.  So I'll just leave it as it is.
Unlike the world that I have inherited.

“How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind – Part 3,” by Sandra Walter, June 13, 2015, at

2 'Bring your best to whatever you do, because if you don't give of your best, you are letting yourself down, you are letting the realm of Spirit down, and you are letting down all those people who could have been inspired to give of their best if you had given them a good example.'   

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