Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Something Fishy This Way Comes

at wnd.com: ‘Something fishy at Supreme Court with marriage case’ - June 21

The article contains a video interview of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who (the same as Elena Kagan) has officiated at a same-sex marriage, and yet won’t recuse herself from the decision-making on the issue currently before that court.  The interview elicits the awareness that RBG believes in the law changing with the times - by judicial fiat.

She’s not senile.  She is that way deliberately.  The Constitution, to her way of thinking, is a ‘living document,’ and additionally, has been superseded by a national form of government…

and one subject to legal determinations from other countries...

Get her OUT of there.

And speaking of other such persons and situations:

Michelle Obama said, in a speech at a museum, that museums are “racist”.  Say what??   Sure.  Why?  Because ‘you hardly ever see a black face in them’.  
Right.  They hire people to keep black people out…

Get her OUT of there.

And as for her Significant Other:

Barry clucks consolingly over the fact that other countries don’t have the shooting problems that the U.S. has, and we need to look at that.
Dear Barry: I have looked at it, and I see a nation that is on the front burner of TPTB’s ruthless need to overthrow, in order to establish their totalitarian New World Order, and the only way that they can accomplish that is to get the guns out of the hands of as many of its citizens as possible; so we have set-up situations - by the FBI, and the CIA, and anybody else who is using mind-control techniques, a la MK-Ultra - for the Left and the authorities (deliberately media-reinforced) to then condemn shootings and ‘easy access to guns;’ and it keeps building, until these our erstwhile masters will feel it’s safe for them to make their move, to create a crisis large enough to give Barry the excuse he needs to declare Martial Law, and thereby accomplish the taking-down of the Constitution in one fell swoop, rather than by the death of a thousand cuts by which he is currently doing - trying to do - the dastardly deed.  So the appropriate answer to Barry is

Get him OUT of there.  And just as soon as possible.  Before he, and they, make their Der Tag move, and the energies of superiority, greed, deceit, chicanery, lawlessness, and domination get further entrenched, and thus, more difficult to move out of the way.

And speaking of:
Am I just ‘agin’ things?

No.  I want the New to come in.

The real New.

Not its reverse image.  Which we are experiencing under the current hands of leadership of the world.

The times they need a'changin'.

And fast.

Before TPTB consolidate their power even further.

And make the changeover that much more difficult to institute.

Although, it will happen, regardless.

Because it is the turn of the Light to rule on Planet Earth.

And about time.

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