Monday, 8 June 2015

Truth Be Told...

“Dear Prospective Voter:

“Our main opponent talks about the likes of helping you -

“ * ‘to start a business.’  We don’t want you ‘to start a business’.  We want you to work for us; in managing the Total State we have planned for the people to serve.  And not in working ‘for the country,’ because ‘the country’ needs to disappear, in order to make way for the Totalitarian - I mean the ‘Total New’.   

“ * ’to save for your retirement’.  We don’t want you ‘to save for your retirement’.  We want you to keep circulating your money, so we can tax its use.  We will take care of your retirement.  Trust us.

“ * ‘to raise your children in accordance with your traditional values’.  Traditional values!  Oh lord; no no no.  Those have to go.  They are part of the problem.  

“And what we have to overcome goes on and on and on.  The idea that 'the President simply ignores the Constitution when it gets in his way'?  But it is in our way; and needs to be ignored - until we arrange for a declaration of Martial Law in the country, and wipe the  Constitution out completely, rather than just in effect - so that we can get on with fundamentally transforming the United States of America, into a simple, more manageable part of a trading region of our New World Order.  And the idea that there has been 'bureaucratic incompetence and mismanagement of everything from health insurance policy to the public school curriculum'??  It is to laugh.  If anything, we haven’t gone far enough yet, let alone being involved in ’mismanagement’ of those sectors.  They both need to be prosecuted more forcefully; both to control you, and to find out more about you and as parents; like what guns you have, if any, and to get everybody inoculated with our vaccines, and such.   Except, of course, the Ruling Class.

“Wanting to ‘return the federal government to its proper, limited role in our lives’??  That ’proper’ idea is merely a matter of opinion.  As is the idea of certain ’rights’.  The only ‘rights’ that people should have are those we deign to give to them.  Or, of course, take away from them.  And as for ‘the land of opportunity’: Yeah, right: the ’opportunity’ to pillage the land and destroy the environment, and live better than the rest of the world.  No thanks.  Been there.  Done that.  We want you to be under the total thumb of the state.  

“Our state.  Not the state of our other opponents; who want a different kind of total state.  Ours is the best Total State. 

“As I say: Trust us.  For, we know what is best for both you and the planet.”

A likely story…

Note: I based my talking points herein on a letter from Ted Cruz/Cruz for President.  In it, he makes excellent points, about America, and her fundamental values, and what he would do if elected to the presidency.  But he is fatally compromised in his argument, by the very document and condition - “the supreme law of the land” - that he espouses.

If the Constitution doesn’t mean what it says, and what it was intended to mean, then it is not “the supreme law of the land”.  It is “just a damn piece of paper,” in the colorful words of one of Cruz’s  former bosses: George W. Bush.  

Who began the submergence of the nation towards the Total State in earnest under his ministrations, and (NeoCon) administrations.  Starting with 9/11. 

But don’t get me started on that link to all this.  I just, here, wanted to make the salient point:

that we are being threatened, not really by ISIS (which has been created in part by the CIA), but by an Enemy From Within.

Don’t buy their siren song.  

You are either for Total Control.  Or essential liberty.

Take your pick.

And make it fast.

How does this summer grab you???

P.S. And make no mistake: These people that we are up against - in clear opposition to, now - are very powerful, as goes the power of the world.  They can shut down your money in your bank - they can even shut down the bank itself - and so forth.  But you have a superior power to theirs.

You have the Power of One.

Use it.

And let's get the job done.

The job, of establishing on Earth the real

New World Order.

Not this greasy kid's stuff, that dark Forces have arranged for us.

Clever as they are.

Too clever by far.

Truth be told...

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