Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Last Hurrah

I have talked in these pages recently about how the New World Order is being promoted, and fastened on us, by statists from both the Far Left - the socialist/communist-minded - and the far Right - the "fascists".  I'm not sure that a lot of my dear readers know precisely what that latter term means.  It means more than just cops beating on minorities and anti-war demonstrators, and such.  Let me make its definition clear.

Fascism basically means corporatism - an unholy alliance between the corporate sector and the state, the latter protecting and advancing its interests (as with the military-industrial complex, that Ike warned us about).  And boy, is that sector close to a major goal in this country, as we speak.

'We all know' that Obama is promoting the socialist vision; although not with a purist, 'classic' take on it.  The classic take of socialism/communism is for the state to do away with private property altogether, 'in service to the people,' or at the least, regulate it with such fervor as to take it over for all intents and purposes. (And 'the redistribution of wealth'/a welfare state as a matter of policy.)  But among Obama's backers are also fascists; and they want their vision to prevail, i.e., that the state regulates private property/trade, giving an insider elite a monopolistic control over their realm of commerce.  Case in point; and as current as can be:

the international trade agreements nearing imposition.  The TransPacific Partnership, and its TransAtlantic counterpart.

What's going on here?  We are being told that these agreements-cum-treaties will be good for us, in the form of 'free trade'.  What does that term actually mean.  It means, actually: monopoly.  The Insider corporations will get the benefit of state protection.  Down will go anti-pollution measures; and the 'environmentally friendly' likes of bans on dolphin-netting fish catches.  Food safety measures: out.  The same with anti-GMO regulations.  And minimum wage measures.  All, on the basis of their adversely impacting on corporate profits.  It's called 'restraint of trade'.  ('Food safety' tests included because food import regulations cause an increase of import costs, and ergo, 'restraint of trade'.)

The Big Boyos are salivating at the prospect of pulling this one off.  Even with all the unease-generating mystique that has surrounded the trade agreements - with Congresspersons not allowed to take notes or photos when they are 'allowed' to look at the trade agreements - 'we' still don't seem to have gotten it.  'It': the poison that these things are, that TPTB are trying to make us swallow.

And are very close to pulling their caper off.*

Other examples of the power, and intentions, of the fascists:

A Book Review for 'Science For Sale' in the current issue of NEXUS Magazine:

"A research microbiologist with a stellar record, [author] David Lewis, PhD. had his 32-year career with the R&D office of the US Environmental Protection Agency halted in the late 1990s.  It was over his and his co-authors' documentation of adverse health effects resulting from the application of treated sewage sludge to farms, forests, playgrounds and other public and private lands.  Despite treatment, these 'biosolids' contain all manner of toxins including heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, prions, organic chemical pollutants, pesticides, pharmaceutical drug residues, steroids and hormones -- and they're still being spread today..."

But what a beautiful use of waste, eh???  To say: profitable use of waste...

And speaking of farms; this, from the same issue of NEXUS, under its Global News section, article entitled 'Towards An End To Industrialised Farming':

"In 2013, the United Nations released a report indicating that the world's food needs could be met through organic local farms...In contrast with industrialised farming, organic and local farms cut down on the energy and pollution that transporting food requires.

"Another study revealed that organic farming utilised less water than industrialised farming and had a general reduction in pollution related to production.  Data from the Rodale Institute's 30-year study on farming showed that organic farming yielded 33% more output than industrialised farming.  Currently, 80% of organic farming worldwide is being done outside of the US.

"Unfortunately, global trade agreements prevent much change from occurring.  They benefit large corporations such as Monsanto and further encourage corporate growth and greed."

And things are about to get worse, with the two trade agreements/'treaties' just about to be implemented in this country.

And then comes the Transnational Corridor up the middle of the United States, that we won't have a thing to say about, because 'treaties' supersede the Constitution, doncha know.  And then...and then......and then............

Do you really get it, now?  Ultimately, that:

It's time to eliminate the profit motive, as a way of doing business with one anther on this planet.  And 'supersede' it with A Better Way.

And that Way is not the way of the socialists/communists; or any other Power Over statists.

It is the way of our Creator.

Which is the Way of, in a word:



* Part of the cover for their caper is that 'they' have said that the TPP, e.g., is good because it keeps the Chinese from increasing their economic leverage over us.  Not so.  It is to be 'a living agreement'.   And that means, e.g., not only that other measures can be added to it without Congressional oversight, but that the Chinese will join it, just as soon as TPTB have snuck it by the American people.
   Tried, to sneak it by us.  The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels that they are.


And speaking of TPTB trying to sneak things by the American people:

from Tea Party C.C.: ‘Candidate for President, TED CRUZ, responds to question about how to stop the onslaught of islam in America’ - posted by William M. Finley - June 4

Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago June 4)

I might be interested in what Cruz has to say about this subject as a senator.  I am not in the slightest interested in what he has to say about anything as a presidential candidate, since he is not constitutionally eligible for the job, and therefore is not abiding by the Constitution.  And the sooner he owns up to that little detail, the better for all concerned.  Meaning We, the People of the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A.

(A "natural born" citizen is one born on the soil (jus soli) of TWO (U.S.) citizen parents (jus sanguinis); the eligibility requirement put in the constitutional contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY; a strong hint as to its meaning & intention - primarily so that the potential Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  A requirement for the job that Obama is proving to our current generation of Americans to have been well worth honoring.) 

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