Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I Accuse!

Based on my last exchange last night with a poster on the subject of Obama's illegality in the office that he insultingly occupies, and 'sleeping on it,' I have wondered if I should just let the matter go, and let it be taken care of in a 'natural' way, insofar as the Usurper conspiring to declare a state of national emergency and consequent declaration of Martial Law, and thus dissolving the Constitution, quote, 'legally' - and thus, letting him be removed from the office extra-legally.

But I cannot.  The attack on this country, and its rule of law, is too severe; and the potential for harm to the nation too great to let the matter continue to slide.  I must insist, and appeal to the Court of Last Resort in this country:

I Accuse!

I Accuse the American people of not living up to their responsibilities as self-governing sovereigns in their own right, in the matter of: -

Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever his 'real,' legal name is) v. the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

He is/was not eligible for that particular office, for not being a "natural born" citizen.  Plain and simple.

People say there is a question, or difference of opinion, about the definition of that term, and therefore of the charge of his ineligibility under it.  My reply:

No, there is no question about the definition as it was understood to mean by the constitutional Framers.  That is just simply dishonesty on the part of people who don't want to look at the facts, for their own self-serving purposes.  It is a gross insult to the intelligence of any halfway decently honest human being to try to argue otherwise.*

The bottom line:

The man is a usurper in that office.  He needs either to resign, or be removed from the office by Oathkeepers.  Those are the only two legitimate options.  All the others are irrelevant.

Has chicanery and deceit not been part of the presidential picture in the U.S. before?  Yes it has.  But never on this level, of outright, in-your-face deceit, that abrogates the very rule of law in the country - its Constitution; makes of the Constitution itself a dead letter, a wet noodle.  Take your pick of sorry synonyms.

In sum: The man is not a "natural born" citizen as the term was clearly understood to mean at the time of its being entered into the constitutional contract for that particular office (and that particular office ONLY; for the reason that I have outlined in many a post on the subject).  He has to go.  Period.

And the sooner, the better.  Before he does any more damage to the nation; in his, and his sinister backers', attempt to weaken the nation, and make of the United States of America merely a part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order.

It's time for a change, alright.  A big change.

Bigger than the unscrupulous one planned for the nation, by unscrupulous, and even outrightly evil, people.

Evil.  For intending to impose their own will on the planet.

Not that of the Creator.

Another subject, in its own right.

This one, and its treatment here, is enough for now.

Except to end on a positive note: to say that

a New World is upon us anyway.  A New, higher-energy World - literally.

And just in time, it would appear.


* And was in effect admitted to, by both major political parties, when between them (admittedly mostly by the Democrat Party) they tried a total of 8 times between 2003 and 2008 to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue - and failed even to get it out of committee each time, such was the sensitive nature of the subject.  (There were other aspects of the various amendment proposals, but this was the main/constant issue in them all.)  So, it is obvious that they engaged in a quid pro quo deal: 'We won't say anything about your [2008] candidate if you won't say anything on this issue about any candidates that we will put up in the future,' wink wink.  And the rest is the troubled and sordid history that we are living out today.  Which makes both of the major political parties subject to RICO-statute proceedings in a court of law, for colluding in a conspiracy to undermine the Constitution.
   And make that a decent, trustworthy court of law.
   And with the evidence so strikingly evidential against them, it is clear that they are going down.  And thus the political scene in the nation is a whole new ballgame.

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