Tuesday, 9 June 2015

On Setting Things To Rights

from freedomoutpost.com: ‘Obama Seeks to Limit Free Speech About Guns’ - Suzanne Hamner - June 8
(And on, and on, and on it will go......unless.........something is done.  As, e.g.:)


All, because The People were asleep at the switch from a federal constitutional republic to an imperial presidency when they failed to call the Democrat Party on putting up an ineligible candidate for the presidency in 2008; obviously assuming that the Republican Party would' have said something if there were anything constitutionally wrong with Obama's candidacy. Bad move. Or that is to say, lack of a move - to counter that act of theft.

Why did the Republican Party not say anything against that illegal maneuver? Obviously because they decided that they wanted to slip through that breach in the Constitution themselves, with their own candidates in the future. And We the People are left with the atrocious result of their perfidy - both of them. Which, fortunately, we can do something about: by taking both parties to court (an honest, Grand Jury court) under RICO-collusion statutes, the parties obviously having conspired to engage in this crime against the Constitution/the rule of law in the nation; thus dissolving them, as criminal entities - and oh, by the way: thus dissolving the fruit of their criminal activity: the Obama administration. With every bit of legislation that he signed into law, and every executive order that he issued, and every appointment that he made, declared null and void, for being the fruit of criminal activity. And the Usurper removed from that purloined Office, by Oathkeepers; or choosing to resign, seeing the writing on the wall.

The writing of a people mad as hell, and not going to take it any longer. And this constitutional crisis thus dealt with in a positive manner; with The People back at the helm of the American ship of state: that federal constitutional Republic that is just waiting for us to act. And take it back. From tyrants; who have attempted to make it into something else, more to their liking. Can you say, totalitarian New World Order???

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