Wednesday, 17 June 2015

If I Had My Way...

Since life in 3D is, has been, for lesson learning - such as to learn to have to take responsibility for one’s actions - if I had my way, certain things would follow along that line.  Such as:

* Both the Democrat and Republican Parties would be dissolved forthwith, for being criminal enterprises under RICO Statutes; having colluded between them in the illegal occupancy of the Oval Office by the despot-minded character who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  And speaking of the devil:

* Obama would be forced to leave his purloined perch in the catbird seat forthwith, either by resignation - Truth having undeniably caught up with him - or by removal, by Oathkeepers, with patriots having their backs.1  And speaking of Truth:

* The United States would have to fall under occupation by its creditor nations, a) for having amassed a debt that it can never repay, except in assets and resources;2 and b) for its citizenry not heeding their obligation, under their form of government, to be self-governing sovereigns in their own right; having turned the running of the nation over to a professional class - ‘the politicians’ - and thus having gone down the clearly historically-marked road to serfdom.3

If their days be not shortened, calamity would be their lot.  Fortunately for them, our mutual reality is governed not just by Limitless Truth.  But by Limitless Love as well.  
And they sorely need that balance at this time in their unfolding.

As budding gods in their own right.

The whole process - of life itself - having been about

gods in the making.

Chips off the old block, as it were.

Learning how to do it as we go.

And - hopefully - learning our lessons well.

However - by whatever means - we get that learning.


1 Impeachment not being relevant, as that is for legally sitting presidents.  And anyway, this way, all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the executive orders that he issued, and all the appointments that he made, go with him, into the trash bin; its being as if he were never there.  Except for the lesson learned.

2 with Red China already making, and taking, such claims.  Placing a dagger in the heart of America.

3 with a nod here to F.A. Hayek for his good, albeit unheeded, advices in this regard    

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