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Now Hear This


In Summary

I note that between them, the Democrat and the Republican Parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and ’08 to get a constitutional amendment started through Congress on the issue of the eligibility requirements for the office of the presidency, and failed each time even to get the proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue, especially with regard to the ‘natural born’ citizen aspect of it.  Which, there is ample historical evidence to confirm, means, or at least meant in the minds of the constitutional Framers: one born on the soil - jus soli; i.e., of the soil - of two (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents - jus sanguinis; i.e., of the blood.  Their whole point being to make sure that the person in that particular office - and that particular office ONLY; who would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces - had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Had sole allegiance to the United States.

Thus ruling out naturalized citizens.  And born DUAL citizens.  Like Obama.  And like Cruz, and Rubio, and Jindal, and Santorum. 

And so, what happened in 2008?  It would seem obvious what happened: the two main political parties got together and colluded in the trashing of the rule of law in the country.  Conspired between them to take down the Constitution.  And so, not only does the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama1 have to remove himself from the office that he is illegally occupying - or be forced to - and face his day in court; but both of the main political parties need to be taken before a likewise fair and open court and charged under RICO-statute criminal charges, of conspiring in that crime.  Which, when proven in court, will dissolve both entities, as criminal enterprises.   

And we start fresh, with a renewed commitment to the rule of law.  Which, in the case of this nation, means the Constitution.  Before it is totally taken down; and the malevolent beings trying to trash the U.S.A. and make of it but a part of a region - more accurately, an economic zone - of their totalitarian New World Order, have their way.

Thank you, no thanks.  I prefer the United States of America, if it’s all the same to you. 


Where Do We Go From Here  

The U.S.A. may well dissolve, under the changes afoot on Planet Earth.  But it will be done in a way that enhances the Light.  Not the Dark.2

Some aspects of the changes facing us:

* a new monetary system.  The old, debt-based system, of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking, dissolved,3 and replaced, firstly, with a precious metals/commodities-based currency, and then, when we have a handle on the consciousness of providing each other with goods and services out of a sense of Love, rather than Power Over, we can eliminate the training wheels altogether, of money and banks, and simply provide each other the goods and services that we can access in abundance, from our higher state of consciousness;    

* likewise, a new energy system, based on what are called ‘free energy’ devices;

* a repudiation of the current healthcare system, and a turning to a holistic one, with its emphasis on prevention (not profit-making); 

* a meeting with our more advanced galactic neighbors, in an experience called Disclosure, and the assistance they can give us on our next, specifically  spiritual steps;

* ditto with our Ascended Masters and Mistresses; as we begin to move into the higher dimensions, and out of the 3D classroom that we have been embedded in long enough, now.

Our time of apprenticeship over.  Now moving into full-fledged levels and aspects of the craft.

The craft, of 

becoming gods in our own right.  

The Right Way.


1 We don’t know what his real name is, since a) he has gone under several aliases, and b) we haven’t seen a true copy of his birth certificate.  We have seen a copy of a document that he authorized to be posted on the official White House web site, but it has proven, to experts on both sides of the political aisle, to be fraudulent.  A forgery.  And so, he remains a man of mystery.
   He could even be a natural born citizen, after all; i.e., one born on the soil of two U.S. citizen parents.  Some have surmised that his real, birth father was his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.  A few have surmised that his real  father was Malcolm X.  Fewer have surmised that his real father was the Indonesian founder of the Subud movement (which his ostensible mother was a member of).  
   What a mess.  
   Which just goes to show the wisdom of the constitutional Framers in doing all that they could to head off such murky matters. 

2 And so takes the historical process, in Hegelian terms, to its true, full, state of Synthesis.  The crowing achievement:
   the kingdom of heaven. 

3 as it collapses anyway, under the onerous debt that has been allowed to build, by The People not paying proper attention to the machinations of their - erstwhile - masters.
   TPTB will try to shift humanity to their replacement system with a little flim-flam.  Don’t fall for it.  They must be eliminated from power, totally.  They are trying to keep humanity from advancing consciously/awakening, in order to keep us under their thumb.  Cattle must be willing to be treated like cattle.

...Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

from western; ‘Ret. General Drops Bombshell: Obama Should Be Arrested For This ‘Treasonous Activity’ - Randy DeSoto - June 22

Stan Stanfield · Stanford University (June 22)

I like it that a retired general of the caliber of Paul Vallely is speaking out this way against the tyrannical machinations of Obama, but I am uneasy as to where he is drawing the line in a response to what all is going on. He remarked as if support for Assad in Syria is a bad thing - oh-oh. That is the agenda of the NeoCons, and the hegemonic desire of the New World Order crowd. He needs to wake up on that one. Assad is the elected leader in Syria; case closed. The U.S. has no business trying to take down regimes for the sake of taking them down, for an underlying agenda.

Concentrate your fire on the tyrant Obama, General. And leave the geopolitics to the politically astute.

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