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On Missing The Point - Or Not

Those of you who were around during the JFK era will know of the quote whereof I next speak.  A touch of background: JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, for those of you who have had a particularly deprived education) was the ‘fair-haired’ boy of the Left in America in the ’60s, who beat out - apparently with the vital help of a lot of dead voters in Illinois - Richard Nixon by a whisker, for the ‘tainted’ prize. Tainted, by the recipient - whoever it might have been - being up against the Secret Government in this country, who were beginning to really feel their oats in those days.  And not about to brook any ‘nonsense’  from whomever might have stood in their way in the White House.  And JFK - who had already ruffled the feathers of some of those in that nest by beating out LBJ for the Democrat Party nomination - sealed his fate with three particular ’missteps’ into their maw: 

* He pulled the plug on the CIA’s invasion of Castro’s communist Cuba with Cuban exiles (by denying the landing forces air cover on the beaches; wary of international condemnation, and the ability of the CIA to accomplish their mission);1

* He was rumored as being on the verge of taking the advice of such military pros as Gen. Douglas MacArthur not to “get bogged down in a land war in Asia,” and looking to pull the U.S. advanced army of military ’advisors’ out of South Vietnam; and

* He was rumored as planning on taking the nation out of obeisance to the Federal Reserve by having the government issue its own (silver-backed) currency.2  All no-no’s, to TPTB.  

Anyway, to get on with this particular blog: Early on in his administration - when there was still grandiose talk in the media about his First Hundred Days, but disappointment beginning to seep in, that he wasn’t going to be The Great Left Hope after all - he was asked, at one of his press conferences, how he felt about some story or other making the rounds of the media at the time, and, in his excellent-sense-of-humor way, replied: ‘Well, I have to say that I am reading more and enjoying it less…”3   

I can certainly echo the sentiment.  For all the grandiose rumoring going the rounds of the Internet about imminent spiritual unfoldment, and the beginning of ‘the Golden Age' of long repute, I see that we are still terribly bogged down in business as usual.  

One particular subject area:

1) In The Phyllis Schlafly Report for May 2015 (which I have recently reported on here, regarding another article in it) she has posted an article titled ‘Let’s Get On a Pro-American Track,’ which reports - and quite well, in my estimation - on the dangers of the Fast Track powers being mooted for Obama/the Executive as regards the international trade agreements coming up fast for congressional vote.  Quote:
   "TPP will facilitate the expanded movement of foreign workers into the United States.  TPP opens the door to more waves of illegal immigrants and allows Obama to make future changes without any congressional oversight or expiration date...
   “Fast Track consolidates power in the executive branch and eliminates Congress’ constitutional power to amend or even debate trade legislation…
   “Fast Track will increase our trade deficits, which reduce economic growth.  Economists have estimated that the last trade deal…which is the template for TPP, wiped out 50,000 American jobs….”

2) In the current (June 8) issue of The New American, in an article entitled ‘The Vatican’s Eco-mania,’ Rebecca Terrell reports:
   “Heartland speakers4 warned that the Vatican is in danger of undermining its war on poverty and making an ’unholy alliance’ with the anti-Christian United Nations.
   “‘One of the greatest friends of poor people around the world…is carbon-based fuels,’ noted (Marc Morano, of CFACT - the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow), speaking at the Heartland conference in Rome.  Indeed, the International Energy Agency (IEA) explains that access to energy is essential to economic growth, while lack of it breeds poverty…”  

Ah yes: “economic growth”.  But you see, the point that many sincere people are missing is that TPTB don’t WANT ‘economic growth’.  They want a cowed workforce, grateful for the crumbs given them from the table of their erstwhile masters, who intend to run the North American Union, e.g. (with Mexico, the former United States of America, and Canada), in one giant beehive of controlled activity - at the lowest possible price.  Including, crucially, what they pay their workforce.

These are the people who would rule the world - your world.  And they are getting away with their machinations, by having indoctrinated a generation or two of university students into thinking of America as The Great Satan - ironically, that - for being such a wanton consumer of the world’s resources.  Gotta cut us down to size.  The size of, oh, say, any two-bit banana republic.  Any two-bit banana republic under the control of an iron-fisted Master.  

Enter The Great Obama!  To be given carte blanche, to do with as He will!  Hip hip - hooray!  Hip hip -

You’re probably thinking, along about here, that I’m just expressing sour grapes.  That I would like to have such power myself, and do things My Way.

If so; actually - you’re right.  I would gladly take over now, that things have come to a global crunch point, in a clear, culminating parting of

The Ways.   

Neither side of this Great Divide having all Truth on its side; nor being all False.  There is no Anthropogenic Climate Change factor going on; that is just a tool for TPTB to gain power over The People, in order to control them to within an inch of their lives; do away with the outmoded concept of ‘liberty,’ because look at what Man does when he is free to.  He makes a right mess of things; right?  Sometimes…And, on the other hand, there is no need to stay with environmentally pollutive fossil fuels as our main source of energy.  That day is done.  It is now the Day of Higher Awareness: that we live in a veritable sea of energy, and it is our responsibility, now, to ‘grow up’ in it.  To say: to harness it, with the concomitant understanding, and appreciation, that it is a gift from our Creator.  And gifts should be acknowledged.  Somehow.

How about, by raising our consciousness.  Both to acknowledge that factor.  

And to continue further on our Path.  As ’spiritual beings having a human experience’.  Essentially.

But it will ‘cost you’.

You will have to live a life dedicated to Truth.  The sort of truth that I had to write, once again, to Ted Cruz’s campaign team, when they have written me again, asking on the envelope, for Cruz: “Are you with me?”  And I have had to reply to them/him:  

“Dear Ted,

“You are a good man.  But inasmuch as you are ineligible for that job,* I can’t support you.”  (signed)

* see; etc. etc.5

If you want to come with me to the upper reaches of the heavens, you have to get on the right side of Truth.  And the/one Truth is, the form of governance being fastened on the nation and the world at this time, by the Elite - the Controllers - is a form of governance that is on the Dark side.  Not that of the Light.  It is, in fact, outright malevolent, for denying Man his free will.

Take your pick.        

P.S. You may be wondering: If these our nemeses on this planet are so malevolent, why do I not fear them?  
     Because they know that this is a culminating battle between the Light and the Dark, and they know - have to know - that the Light wins, because that is the nature of the Creation; and that they have a choice.  Between coming over to the Light side, and continuing on that Path.  Or perishing.
    And I mean: perish.  Extinguished; for good.
   And they know it.  And that’s a very effective attention-concentrator.       


1 Apparently he wasn’t kept in the loop about their plans, and was reportedly incandescent with fury over their unilateral activity and decision-making.  When it was reported that he had told somebody, upon being advised of the mission-in-progress, that he would like to smash the CIA into a million pieces, or thereabouts, he, shall we say, earned no favors from that sector of the government.
   Commander in Chief or not: Just who the hell did he think he was???   

2 There is supposedly an Executive Order to this effect.  I haven’t personally found it to be verified.  But he was certainly not the Big Spender that TPTB were hoping for, from that side of the political aisle now in power.  He simply wasn’t playing the game according to the rules of TPTB.  And so he had to go. 
   (You must know that both sides of the political aisle are concentrated at the top of a pyramid of power???)  

3 At some particularly prestigious dinner in the White House, he remarked to the learned guests words to the effect that “This is undoubtedly the greatest assemblage of thinkers in this dining room since Thomas Jefferson dined here alone.” 

4 The Heartland Institute - which held two days of workshops in Rome just preceding the Vatican’s day-long climate conference - is a ‘libertarian think-tank’ funded in part by the oil industry.  However, keep listening: Who else is in a position to check out the facts of matters, and make them available, better than those directly involved??  Yes, one must take their positions on various points with a grain of salt.  But don’t just dismiss them out of hand.  Therein lie nuggets.  Keep checking, to sort them out from any potential fool’s gold. 
   As, e.g., the climate alarmists; with their motives for financial support for their ongoing ’research’ …another story.

5 He/his campaign team already know from me, from past responses of mine to their donation requests, that it is because of the issue of his not being a “natural born” citizen, so I felt I didn’t need to repeat that phrase this time.

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