Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Games That People Play

A touching story on the Internet caught my eye this evening about a Deputy Sheriff in a town in Ohio stopping by a little girl’s lemonade stand and, instead of closing her down, on specious safety regulations, not only buying a glass but finding out what she was doing it for, and, long story short, ended up buying her an iPad - I think that they’re called (coming from an earlier generation) - so that she could do her homework and play some games on it.

Another game being played out across America today is where the local police have been militarized, not only in equipment, but trained to view people as the enemy - trained by Israelis, who treat Palestinians that way.  Show’em who’s boss.  Treat them not as people but as cattle to be cowed.  The point being to develop a compliant citizenry.  Hardly the idea for this nation as conceived by its Founding Fathers; who envisioned a robust democracy, buzzing full of activity, and debate on the issues of the day.  Par for the course, for a society of self-governing sovereigns.

That’s all that I wanted to say at this point.  Just noting a word of caution, as the nation steers perilously close to the shoals of political correctness, where people will be bulled, and even imprisoned, for sharing their feelings regarding, oh, say, same-sex marriage.

Oh say can you see, too.

P.S. An excellent article today on this same sort of thing:

’10 Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny’ by John W. Whitehead -

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