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On Getting The Picture

I have just read of a very recent Supreme Court decision that goes beyond the pale of legitimate leeway to be accorded judicial interpretation.  First, a timely posting of mine, to give an indication of where I stand on such judicial matters:  

from ‘The growing tide against the Confederate flag’ - Chip Wood - June 25 


I personally don't like to be knee-jerked - especially when it comes to Supreme Court decisions 'taking down' free speech issues. What the voters of a particular state wish to do - within their constitutions - is one thing. The Supremes setting national, judicial standards of 'speech' based on their personal social or political proclivities - or the flavor of the day - is quite another.

We have had quite enough of arbitrary judicial rulings in this country. Time to get back to the rule of law. Not the rule of whim.

So: I am passionate about this nation not succumbing to the rule of men.  Anther word for which is arbitrary law.  Another word for which is tyranny.  Being subject, not to the law; but to the spin that justices, and shyster lawyers, and politicians, can put on the law.  

So, to the decision in question.

It doesn’t matter what specific case it was; it is, simply, a precedent, that will be cited over and over; by sleazemeisters, for the coach and horses that it drives through the Constitution.  It had to do with considering, and citing, the effect of a law, rather than its intent.  Its intent had nothing to do with racial discrimination; but its effect was cited against it.  The reasoning: a law had a ‘disparate effect’ on poor people; blacks are a major proportion of poor people; ergo, it was considered to be discriminatory against blacks.  The effect of the law to be considered the same as the intent of the law.

One example of the use to which this sort of reasoning can be - and has already been - put:

a State law that requires voters to show a photo ID card in order to vote.  To be struck down, because…you get the picture.

And not a pretty picture it is.  Not having anything to do with fairness.  But with ideology.   

Another example that I can think of, using this line of reasoning, right off the top of my mind: 

a private school/university’s tuition requirement to be declared illegal, because it has a ‘disparate effect’ on poor people, and……… 

and on, and on, and on, ad nauseam.

This has nothing to do with this nation, and its principles of liberty and individual responsibility.

It has everything to do with a nation that has fallen under the control, and spell, of some nation-wreckers. Who have the intention to merge the U.S.A. into being merely a part of a region (an ‘economic zone’) of a totalitarian New World Order.

Verging, as we speak. 

And to be avoided.  As we speak.


By using the process that we are involved in as a stepping-stone.  Not to go from here either to the Left or to the Right.

But Up.

Out of the level of the problem.

And into the Golden Age awaiting us.

On the other side of this dissolute stage of things; where right is wrong, and black is white, and…

You get the picture.

P.S. what do we actually do about The Supremes??

First of all, two of them - Sotomayor and Kagan - are to be stricken from their bench appointments when the Usurper is stricken from his illegal-obtained office; and all the legislation that he signed into law, and all the executive orders that he issued, and all the appointments that he made, go with him, into the trash bin.

As for the rest:

When the New Order of Things comes in - the actual, proper New World Order; not the phony, reverse-image one -  they are rendered moot anyway.  Because

it's that time.


from ‘UN Calls for America to Disarm’- shawn - June 24
(“Oh, President Obama. You promised change. Let no man say that you didn’t deliver. You have changed the fabric of this country in a mere six years, and it will take twice as long to recover. And if you manage to pass your legacy down to another big government Democrat, we may find ourselves slipping beyond the point of no return. We can only hope that doesn’t happen.”)


His legacy doesn't have to be passed down just "to another big government Democrat," Shawn. What do you think the (so-called) PATRIOT Act was all about?? And the recent trade agreements, signed off on by Republican establishment types; which will end up merging the U.S. into being a mere economic zone of TPTB's New World Order.

This has been coming at us from both sides of the (nominal) political aisle. We really need to get our act together. And that is as patriots. Not as either Democrats or Republicans. But those citizens who are for the United States of America, against the machinations of the totalitarian globalists. Which has been going on for years. And needs to be stopped. Now.

from TeaPartyC.C.: ’Sessions: TPP “Nascent European Union,” TPA “Surrender” of Congressional Power’ - posted by Kat - June 24 (orig. posted at - Ian Hanchett - June 22)

Reply by Stephen Kazmer 9 hours ago (June 25)

How can The Republican Party be part of this???????????

They were elected to put an end to Obama's tyranny but since they entered office they have done little or nothing to stop the Obama attacks on our freedoms or our way of life and in a sense they have become Obama's facilitators, WHAT GIVES?


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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (June 25)

Welcome to the real world, Stephen.  What do you think the (so-called) PATRIOT Act was all about??  And so much else.  The Republican Party establishment is for a corporate-fascist New World Order, aka the globalists.  They will do deals with the outright socialists in order to gain their ultimate goal: total control.  

Patriots need to unite from both sides of the (nominal) political aisle, against the totalitarian barbarians amongst us.  And, it's not a matter of going "back".  It's a matter, now - the process far enough along - of going forward.

Neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.

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