Saturday, 27 June 2015

Still Fighting The Good Fight...

...For The Record

from ‘Lawmaker: Congress Can Halt Same-Sex “Marriage” In Tracks’ - Bob Unruh - June 27

Since Obama is a fraudulent President never having conclusively PROVEN that he is a legitimate USA CITIZEN, all of Obama's appointments to the USA Supreme Court are ILLEGAL! Therefore any rulings by Obama's appointtees are NULL AND VOID! Obama having FAILED to prove his personal USA citizenship DISQUALIFIES OBAMA from ACTING LAWFULLY AS OUR USA PRESIDENT! What Obama establishes in the USA as a FRAUDULENT PRESIDENT WILL NOT STAND! Therefore UNLAWFUL RULINGS by ILLEGAL Obama APPOINTTEES DO NOT HAVE THE FORCE OF LAW! GAY MARRIAGE AND OBAMACARE ARE ILLEGAL STILL in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA UNTIL SUCH TIME THAT OBAMA CAN CONCLUSIVELY PROVE THAT HE IS A GENUINE CITIZEN OF THE USA.Up to this very day 6/27/2015 OBAMA HAS DESPERATELY FAILED TO PROVE ACTUAL REALISTIC USA CITIZENSHIP.Having had 7 and one half years to prove himself to be a genuine American SERIOUS doubt REMAINS that Obama can prove GENUINE American CITIZENSHIP! it does NOT TAKE a GENUINE American CITIZEN seven and a half years to PROVE that they are American CITIZENS! It has LONG BEEN TIME for our RELUCTANT Congress to settle this issue for once and for ALL TIME!


    • kibitzer3 p21rev67 2 minutes ago (June 27)

    • It's worse than that. Forget the question merely of citizenship. He is not a NATURAL BORN citizen; a higher hurdle. Put in the constitutional contract by its Framers for that particular office and that particular office ONLY: in order to make sure that the occupant of the office - who would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would CERTAINLY be subject to. Like Obama.

    • And like Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, and Santorum. None of them is a 'natural born' citizen - for not having, at the least, TWO (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents. Which situation conservatives need to wake up to, and fast. Before the Constitution really is rendered dead in the water, from such a gaping hole having been torn in its hull.

    • Institutionalizing an abnormal situation, and thus giving it the cover of acceptability, as in this same-sex marriage decision, is bad enough. But if we don't repair that bigger rent in the hull of the good ship Constitution, it is sunk. And with it, the very rule of law in the nation.
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  • They couldn't even get rid of Obamacare and the Republicans aren't going to do anything about this. Yesterday The Supreme Court decided they were a God and said that God didn't know what he was doing when he made a man and a woman. But to all out there if our parents would have married the same sex we would not be here and there would not be a human race.

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  • NewWest 123 43 minutes ago 

  • Ted Cruz has already done this.... He only has a few that will support him then we will now the true colors of the rest!

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    • kibitzer3 NewWest 123 a minute ago 

    • If you're going to talk about the Constitution, you need to stop talking about what Ted Cruz has done or will do. He is not eligible for the office of the POTUS. Any more than Obama is, and was.

    • The Constitution was thus defiled before this same-sex marriage business was even a twinkle in the U.S. Marxists's eye.

from ‘WATCH: Ted Cruz Has An EPIC Message For ‘Rogue’ Supreme Court Justices’ - June 27 

Stan Stanfield · Stanford University
A very good speech. And the Senate is a great place for him to do that sort of thing. But if he really believes in the Constitution and the rule of law, he will hold a press conference and admit that he is not eligible for the office of the POTUS, because he is not a "natural born" citizen, and neither is Obama - for neither of them having had two (In this case, U.S.) citizen parents - and we need to rectify that mistake, and thus help the return TO the rule of law in the country. Or it is doomed to go down the road of despotism - of executives, legislatures, and judiciaries alike, making decisions based merely on the rule of men. Also known as arbitrary law. Also known as tyranny.

It is not rocket science, to understand and discover that the constitutional Framers put that eligibility requirement in their legal contract for that particular federal office - AND THAT PARTICULAR OFFICE ONLY - in order to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would then as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would CERTAINLY be subject to. 

It is not too late to correct the error that allowed the ineligible candidate Barack Hussein Obama to run for that office in the first place. It IS rather late in the day, to correct that egregious error. But we need to do it. Or we are deep into the rule of men in this country. And that will be the end of the American Republic.

I for one don't want that error - that obscene, terribly significant error, with such far-reaching ramifications - on my conscience. And if you were any sort of honest American citizen, you wouldn't either. 

It's time to choose, Citizen.

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