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Further On Our Time And Place

from ‘Democrats And GOP Rebels Save The Day On Obamatrade’ - Chuck Baldwin - posted June 17, for June 18

After the Republican-controlled Senate foolishly passed the so-called “Obamatrade” bill, the House leadership (John Boehner, Steve Scalise, Paul Ryan, et al.) worked their tails off to pass the bill. But a majority of Democrats and liberty-minded Republicans (small in number) rallied in opposition to the bill and voted it down. HOORAY! In this case, it was mostly Democrats that saved the day!…

“The Obamatrade bill was proffered in two roll call votes. According to the rules established by House leaders, BOTH bills had to pass in order for “fast track” trade authority to be granted to President Obama. Boehner did this because he knew it would fail in one vote, as it was widely opposed by both Republican freedomists (a small group but enough to help defeat the bill) and liberal Democrats (liberals are not wrong on every issue). He was hoping he could muster enough support from both groups by separating the votes. His plan backfired. The first bill failed by a wide margin, so even though the second bill passed (barely), it was a moot point. The way to find the Republican rebels (America-first constitutionalists) is to look at the ones who voted against Obamatrade on BOTH votes. Here are those 37 brave Republican House members:

“Justin Amash (MI); Dave Brat (VA); James Bridenstine (OK); Mo Brooks (AL); Ken Buck (CO); Michael Burgess (TX); Curt Clawson (FL); Doug Collins (GA); Chris Collins (NY); Paul Cook (CA); Jeff Duncan (SC); John J. Duncan (TN); Morgan Griffith (VA); Andy Harris (MD); Duncan Hunter (CA); Lynn Jenkins (KS); Walter Jones (NC); Jim Jordan (OH); David Joyce (OH); Raul Labrador (ID); Frank LoBiondo (NJ); Richard Nugent (FL); Gary Palmer (AL); Steve Pearce (NM); Scott Perry (PA); Bruce Poliquin (ME); Bill Posey (FL); Dana Rohrabacher (CA); Keith Rothfus (PA); Steve Russell (OK); Chris Smith (NJ); Daniel Webster (FL); Lynn Westmoreland (GA); Rob Wittman (VA); Ted Yoho (FL); Don Young (AK); Lee Zeldon (NY)…”

What - no Ryan Zinke?  No Martha McSally??  What gives???

Anyway; to continue with the story:

“And for those GOP House members who voted ‘Nay’ on either vote, there is retribution from the Republican leadership. has this part of the story:

“‘House Republican leaders are cracking down on rebellious members after a near-disaster on a trade vote last week.

“‘Reps. Cynthia Lummis, Steve Pearce, and Trent Franks have been removed from the whip team after they sided with GOP rebels to vote against a rule governing debate on a trade bill, according to sources close to the team.

“‘But House Majority Whip Steve Scalise had said earlier in the year that he would not tolerate members voting against rules and has already removed two other members [Jeff Duncan and Ron DeSantis] close to the conservative movement.’

“As for House Democrats, they held together in their opposition to TPP even when President Barack Obama personally went to Capitol Hill and lobbied them to support it. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) must be given credit on this issue, as she held fast in her opposition to TPP and encouraged Democrats to stand together in opposing it--which they did.

“What is it about Democrat presidents who campaign against these so-called ‘free trade’ deals when they are candidates and then become full-fledged supporters of the deals after being elected? Bill Clinton did the exact same thing. It just further demonstrates what I’ve been saying all along: at the highest levels of government, party affiliation, party platforms, and promises to party grassroots mean NOTHING. Powerbrokers are calling the shots; and the President (no matter the party) is too often but a pawn of these Machiavellians.

“And if there is any issue that these international elites who are dominating Washington politics are doggedly determined to bring into being, it is the breakdown of national economic borders and the establishment of a global financial system.

“Of course, one cannot have a global financial system without enacting a global political and military system to control and manage it. And, that, folks, is what all of these wars in the Middle East are about. It has NOTHING to do with the ‘war on terror.’ It is all about establishing global government. The global elite are merely manipulating the West vs. Muslim façade to bring down those governments in the Middle East (Iran and Syria) that refuse to submit to the Federal Reserve’s international banking system and bring the oil-rich region of the Middle East completely under the Fed’s control.

“Consider this: Saudi Arabia beheads far more people than ISIS. In fact, Saudi Arabia is one country that is indeed governed by strict Sharia Law. Yet, the United States considers the Saudis our dear friends and allies. And Christians seem totally oblivious to Saudi Arabia’s barbarism and intolerance. When is the last time you heard any pastor or Christian calling for war against Saudi Arabia?

“Furthermore, independent news agencies are reporting that the United States is actually ASSISTING ISIS militarily.

“Folks, please turn off FOX News long enough to do some independent research. America is not at war with ISIS. America’s CIA created ISIS and continues to assist it.1 The U.S. government is using ISIS to attack its real target: the leaders of Iran and Syria who staunchly stand in the way of the U.S./Saudi Arabia/Israel machinations to centralize the banking systems of the Middle East. That is what the wars in the Middle East are truly about.

“At this writing (Tuesday, June 16), GOP leaders and President Obama are collaborating on how to bring ‘fast track’ trade authority back to the House floor for passage. But for now, it was House Democrats and that small number of Republican rebels who saved the day on Obamatrade…”

And another purpose for the U.S. being inveigled into taking down - trying to take down - Syria and Iran is to allow the Israeli government to establish hegemony over the Middle East - especially the territory between the Nile and the Euphrates: purportedly the two river streams/stripes on its flag…2

Chuck has done a good job here in summarizing ‘the plot’.  And plot it is: by little minds.  Certainly not God.

Leaving aside for the moment the question regarding who, actually, was Jehovah.3  

I post this, to help indicate how serious things have become, in the attempted takeover of Planet Earth by a bunch of petty despots.

They must not be allowed to succeed in their machinations.

Instead, the Light forces will take over now.

And just in the ‘Nick’ of time…


1  The word is that the money behind ISIS is from the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and  Israel/Mossad.  With two UK cargo planes recently apparently thrown into the plot, as having been shot down whilst trying to take supplies to ISIS (besides, a week later, 2 U.S. helicopters having experienced the same outcome)...
   These are not nice people who are trying to take over the world.  But then, they wouldn't be, would they?  
   At least, not ones using their tactics.  On the other hand...
   Another story.

2 Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know.  It certainly seems to be in the minds of the Khazars who are and have been running the country, for the establishment of their Zion headquarters of the New World Order…

3 My bet: One of the Anunnaki; like Enlil and Enki and Ishtar, and Marduk, and…
   See Zecharia Sitchin’s ‘The 12th Planet’. 

   (Do I believe in Sitchin’s ‘stuff’??  It’s as good a job as any, in trying to decipher the curious past on this planet.  But that’s another story, too.)


2) from ‘House Conservatives Put Boehner on Notice’ - National - June 17


IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY IN American history when [rino/progressives] no longer have power.
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  • Stan Stanfield
    · Top Commenter · Stanford University (June 17)

  • That's what it's all about, David. The People have to take control of their political lives & the nation. Or the special interests will. It's a test of self-governance. Are we up to it? Remains to be seen.

3) fromTeaPartyC.C.: ‘Obama gives free pass to businesses that hire illegals’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - June 16/17  (orig. posted at - June 16) 

Reply by roy veteto 3 hours ago

during the 1960's the federal government had to step in when states wouldn't enforce laws on civil rights, now states will eventually be required to act to deal with the federal government's failure to enforce the laws on the books regarding immigration.

(That’s not good enough.  See:)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (June 17)

The Executive has few enumerated powers and responsibilities.  One is to see that the laws are "faithfully executed".  The man is failing in his sworn duty.  He has got to go.  Now.  Before things get any worse.  And patriots have no recourse - Congress having failed in its duty also - but to do the job themselves.

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