Sunday, 14 June 2015

On Getting Sick & Tired

from ‘GovernorMoonbeam Makes These Words Illegal In California’ - June 13 
(“Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger on the Liberal Left Coast, they just did. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that not only redefines marriage, but eliminates any reference to husband and wife, replacing each with the generic term ‘spouse’…”)

Just when you think nothing could possibly get any stranger in California, it did.
Why don't you idiots just sever your ties with America now and be done with.



  • Doug Brewer Dwight V. Murray 11 hours ago 

  • Dwight V. Murray I live in California and can tell you that there are thousands of us here that did not vote in this person as governor and we wish we could change that situation. How ever this seems to be a nationwide problem as a large percentage from most states voted in Mr. hope and change.

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    • WVF
      Doug Brewer 11 hours ago 
    • I assure you the last presidential election was fraught with voter fraud. That election was stolen!
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And as long as the Rhino's continue to kiss Democrat ass, And don't require ID to vote, Illegals will give the Dems another 8 years to continue the destruction of America!!. I wish liberals cared about this Nation as much as they do for Gays and Muslims, Because when the economy dies so will this former Republic. And believe me this utopian Socialist Bullshit will destroy all of us!!.


Snake Eyes proudV 8 hours ago (June 13)

There's hope. See these 2 links then vote for/support Cruz: ; https://www.conservativereview... . Cruz presided over 500 lawyers as Texas Solicitor General, argued and won cases before SCOTUS, and was the top person on his debate team in law school. We haven't had this strong of candidate since Reagan--and he was flawed.


Sorry, Snake Eyes, but some of us still believe in the Constitution. And according to the Constitution, Cruz is not eligible for that office. Any more than Obama was, and is. Who has been proof to us of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, in doing their best to keep any but a person born on the soil of two (U.S.) citizen parents out of that terribly powerful office.

And the sooner we get back to their wisdom - to say, the Constitution - the better. Not try to make two wrongs make a right. That would just compound the error of our ways, and let the rule of men - rather than the rule of law - further into the political arena than it already is.


I listened to the Mark Levin audio that Snake Eyes provided.  In it, Mark quotes two Harvard law professors on the subject (Laurence Tribe and Ted Olsen).

I am glad that I don't have the embarrassment of going through life with that name behind mine.  Stanford was liberal enough.  

And as for Mark Levin: If ever I had occasion to worry about the people behind the move for a Convention of the States.........

'Nuff said. 


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