Thursday, 29 October 2015

Meanwhile, Back On Terra Firma...

...We Have Petitions

or their equivalent:

1) On the election by the House Republicans of Paul Ryan as their new Speaker, I posted to my FB page a blog, of Rick Wells, harshly chastising the Repubs for it (in particular for Ryan's position regarding amnesty and immigration on the one hand and the likes of the TPP on the other; who, in regards to the TPP, was reported to have received a huge payoff - in the millions - for his pushing/keeping it alive in the House), and added my comment:

'I agree.  The K Street lobbyists are in pig heaven.  The sovereignty of the U.S. as a federal constitutional Republic is shredded almost to breaking point.  But the NWO crowd shouldn't crow too soon.  It's darkest before dawn.  They'll get their comeuppance yet.'

2) I signed a CREDO Action petition to the Senate against the appointing of a Big Pharma shill to become head of the FDA.  My signature to stop the appointment included the message:

'The NWO crowd are making their big moves now on the chess board.  Time to call a halt to their pernicious plans.  They have enough rope to hang themselves by, by now.'

3) from ‘Wolves in Conservative Clothing, Ryan Backers Chaffetz And Jordan Deliver IRS Diversion In Support of “Prostitute Paul”’ - Rick Wells - October 30  

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 29)

Thanks for pointing out the prestigitationary trick of "distraction" going on in the Repub ranks instead of their going after "the illegal alien who has usurped the presidency". I am sorely offended by these people. They must all be in servitude to the Money Bags taking over this country, and turning it into merely a part of a region of their desired New World Order. All the money in the world isn't going to do them one bit of good, when they are thrown under the bus, as thanks for their prostitution.


I am all for free will.  And I love the sinner.  But I hate the sin, with a passion.

However, I accept that all sources of corruption, deception, and vile intent will be wrung out of 'the system,' in the overpowering Light of the New Age.

Dawning, as we speak.

I just, often, have to bite my tongue - and sometimes fail to - at the last-gasp actions of the Dark forces; so eager to get to the Good Stuff as I am.

Coming to a Theater near you.  Sooner that you might think.  Especially given all the darkness around, these transformational days.

It may be somewhat like how a caterpillar feels, in the chrysalis...

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