Wednesday, 21 October 2015

On Being Perfectly Clear - 2

The Republican running for the Senate against Harry Reid in Nevada has asked me a few times now for donations to his worthy cause.  Instead of just binning his request this time, I have finally let him know how I feel about all this:

"Dear Dr. Joe,

"I would like to support you, but the problem is, the Republican Party has been and is complicit in a terrible crime against the Republic: its officials colluded* with their counterparts in the Democrat Party in deceiving the American people regarding the lack of eligibility of BHO for the office of the presidency.

"He is not eligible for it, for not being a "natural born" citizen.  (See, e.g.:  & thus, the Republican Party needs to be taken to court under RICO statutes, along with the Democrat Party, & be dissolved, for the criminal enterprise that it is, and they are.  & so, we will be needing new political parties in the country, when the Truth outs.

"As it will.

"As it will."


* for their own purposes; see the current list of candidates for the presidency.  Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Santorum: all ineligible.


What would I do?

I would remove - nonviolently; meaning, leaving it up to him in the end - the Usurper from the Oval Office, to be held for trial on a whole host of charges by now; annul all the actions that he illegally made in the office of the president; dissolve Congress, for having failed in its constitutional duty to rein in a rogue Executive; see that the two main political parties are taken down, for the reason given above; and call for new elections, with new parties formed, 'within a time certain' -

or call Time on the whole thing, the Play that we are in.  And get on with

the Real Thing.

Which includes doing away with the monetary system as it is.  And replacing it with something more in keeping with our being fundamentally spiritual beings, just having a human experience.

And ultimately, doing away with money altogether.  As we get on with living on a 5th Dimensional level of consciousness altogether.  Not just some of us.

And for those for whom that would be just too much of a stretch consciousnessly at this time: they can go to another planet, to complete their time in 3D/4D, treading on the Wheel of Rebirth.

Another one; for, this one is

going Up as well.

With us.

Or without us.


it's that time.

Or hadn't you noticed.

P.S. And along with all this low consciousness crap will go the low-cosciousness treatments for cancer, of cut - burn - poison, to be replaced with holistic modalities, that work with the concepts of:

1. First, Do No Harm.

2. Let Your Food Be Your Medicine And Your Medicine Be Your Food.

3. The Terrain Is Everything.

More on which, tomorrow.  (Based primarily on a 9-part series on the subject that I have just finished watching.)

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