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On Things Heating Up

First of all, an addition to an earlier thread (recapped. for clarity's sake):

from ‘Trump Makes Big Announcement About Ben Carson.. Things Are Heating Up’ - October 8

D Hall 9 days ago (October 8) 


  •  KalevEfrayim D Hall 9 days ago 

  • Cruz, while a good conservative, is not Constitutionally qualified to hold office of POTUS or VPOTUS, his father was NOT a US citizen at the time of Cruz's birth in Canada.

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      • Original Rebel KalevEfrayim 9 days ago 

      • I heard his mother was, and that is all it takes - one parent being American. I could be mistaken, but that's what I've read and heard.

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  •           kibitzer3 Original Rebel 9 days ago (October 8)

    • No it is NOT "all it takes". Why can't people - especially conservatives/constitutionalists - understand this issue? It's not rocket science: the whole POINT of the constitutional Framers in putting that particular eligibility requirement (of the candidate needing to be a "natural born citizen) in their contract for that particular office - and this is provable by the historical record - was so that the occupant, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to.

    • And Obama has been the perfect example of why they put that requirement in there. He is a Usurper, with conflicting loyalties, and needs to be removed from that purloined office just as soon as possible; before he does any more damage than he has already done to the nation.

    • And in any event: TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Wake up, folks. You have been had. Don't make your mistake any worse than it has already proven to be.

                   amaimbourg kibitzer3 37 minutes ago (October 17)

                  You hit the nail dead center, kibitzer 3....seriously!



  •          kibitzer3
    amaimbourg a minute ago (October 17)

  •          Thank you for 'noticing,' amaimbourg. :-)

  •          But seriously (back at you): Pass the word on wherever and whenever you can.  This thing - this 'wrong' - isn't over yet. We've got to get the Usurper out of there before he and his minions orchestrate a Crisis that gives him the Opportunity to declare Martial Law, and thus the TOTAL end of the Constitution/rule of law in the country.

  •          Now is the time - if there ever was - for all good men and women to come to the  aid of their country. Or marry (a Usurper) in haste; repent at leisure.


Now.  What do I think will happen.

A: I don't really know.  I know what I would LIKE to happen.  I would like for the American people to wake up to what has been going on in their country; rally, in consciousness, to force the Usurper to remove himself from the presidential office and present himself for arrest and trial, on a whole host of charges by now, including perjury and treason; and then,  along with other, similar measures taking back our power from those dark Forces who have usurped it, and thus having earned it, we get on, with moving into a New (global) Era, characterized by peace, prosperity - and Truth.

But I'm not in charge, of this scenario, playing itself out.  Like unto a film.   With most likely - this being a moral creation and all -  an outstanding outcome, including our galactic neighbors, and assorted Ascended Masters, joining with us in our celebration of having - at last - made it to

The End.  And the beginning of

the Real Thing.  Rather than the Reel Thing any longer.

But as I say...


...and one last shot at awareness building, before I call it a night:

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Executive Order 16303 signed by Pres’ - posted by James W. Cramer - October 17 

Reply by Debra Beatty 8 hours ago (October 17)

Why do you call Obama President? He is not a legal setting President. 

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Permalink Reply by Eric Pearson 7 hours ago (October 17)

Good point, but what I call him can't be said here.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (October 18)

Thanks for pointing out that inconvenient little fact, Debra - and it needs to be broadcast wider and further (by constitutionalists/conservatives), because that's the way to head off all this E.O. 16303 sort of thing.  For, once the American people wake up in earnest to the fact that the presidency has been usurped - that the Usurper is not a "natural born" citizen as required by the Constitution (i.e., one born on the soil of (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents - PLURAL) - and demand his removal from the Oval Office, all the legislation that he has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made, go with him, into the trash bin.

And we had better be quick about it.  And this E.O.16303 is a particularly good reason why.


(N.B. I think the number of the E.O. is actually 13603)

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