Thursday, 22 October 2015

On A Clear Day...

Yesterday I received a couple of requests from major cancer centers for my financial support for their efforts to combat, or control, or treat, cancer; ironically on the last day of a 9-part series of documentaries that I watched on holistic treatments for, and prevention of, cancer.  One of those letters talked about ‘Making Cancer History’.  

As if, ever, with/from their approaches.    


It was some 45 years ago now that I first came across the fact that there were other, alternative treatments for all the cancer that was going on even then; 'alternative' with/from the standard, Western medicine-based treatment, of cut/burn/poison - i.e., surgery - chemo - radiation.  (Sound familiar??  This was 45 years ago.  My, how times have changed…not.)  I was living in the East Bay area of northern California, and went over to San Fran for a weekend convention sponsored by an outfit called the National Health Federation (a little info about which I had come across shortly before, while browsing in an alternative bookstore in Oakland).  It was there that I came across, for the first time, the story of Laetrile (involving nitrilosides and amygdalin; aka vitamin B17) - the role of nutrition in cancer, its causes and treatments.

Most intelligent treatments, that is…

It was about that time - I think it started in 1971 - that President Richard Nixon announced the federal government’s War On Cancer.  Like many others, I waited to hear about its results.  And waited.

And waited.  And waited…

Though not exactly.  I did something about it, all, in the meantime. 

 I educated myself.

And continued to educate myself.  On that particular subject, of the holistic genre.  And others.  To the point where I began giving nutritional advice to friends and family.  Including my mother.  Who, by then, had come down with breast cancer.  And who spurned my ‘medical’ advices, because many years previously by then I had failed to go on into medical school (dropped out of my formal education, to go searching for capital-t Truth), and her response was: “Why should I listen to you.  You never went to medical school.”  


Oh - and yes.  Predictably, she died, from it.  Metastases.  Because the Western, allopathic medical profession - nee medical-pharmaceutical industry1 - has failed to recognize one of the fundamental principles of health and disease: that 

the terrain is everything.

Another story as well.

Anyway.  There I was, with a lot of info, about cancer and other ‘ailments,’ and nothing to do, really, with it.  Until that self-same federal government started trying to make high-dosage levels of vitamin C unavailable to the public without a prescription - from an allopathic medical doctor who doesn’t believe in natural approaches to health, is wedded to his/her training, from medical schools filled with the equivalent of pharmaceutical reps2 - because that would be using it as a medical treatment, and people shouldn’t be self-medicating, should go to a bona fide medical doctor.  For drugs.

It’s all about our safety, you see.

To which I say:


And decided to do something about it.  Which, in my mind, amounted to having my day in court on the matter; in principle, and, in that way, ’promoting’ the awareness of the degree of iniquity that was going on in America, in that area, and others, in the slowly slowly creep of statism in and over the nation.  My approach took the form of ‘throwing’ - hammering, actually - a rock through a window (small glass pane, actually) of the local office of the FDA, and calmly awaiting my being hauled off to jail.

In the event, after listening to my beef, the authorities held me overnight in jail, in San Fran and then transferred me to a holding cell in Oakland the next day, for a couple of hours or so, before, without charge, simply releasing me.  Back on the street.  To do whatever I would do next.  Which was to mull the whole thing over.  

They wouldn’t let me have my day in court.  And 'violence' wasn’t really My Way anyway.  (Desperate people, and all that.)  So…I decided to offer my services to the man in Frisco who was doing a major job of promoting Laetrile as a treatment for cancer.3  Even went to visit him at his home, and offered my services, as a literature researcher, or whatever.  But ‘fate intervened,’ and my life took a different turn at that point.

Another of those interesting stories, to tell someday.  If I haven’t already, in these pages; the journal of

a truthseeker.

The 9-part series was produced and hosted by a man named Ty Bollinger.  (‘The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.’)  Check it out.  You will be glad you did.

And so will the world.

The Western world, at least.  Where the sicker that the people are, the healthier that the economy is.

Go figure.

P.S. Check out as well The Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer.  Dr. John Beard.  Those Scots.  A clever people. And their background is very interesting.  Another story there, too.
     Another time, perhaps.  This one is enough for now.  
     To he who has ears to hear.

P.P.S.  Me?  To this day I eat the seeds and kernels of the fruits I buy (if I can crack the pit).  Eat whole foods (what Dr. Mercola calls 'real food'); drink unfluoridated water, fruit juices, low-sodium V8.  Am lacto-ovo-vegetarian, with an occasional bit of fish (can't trust that source of food much anymore, more's the pity).  Take some supplements (vit. D3, B complex, fish oil, CoQ10, L-Arginine).  Walk about an hour a day; a brisk walk out, and a more relaxed one back.  Am considered, and feel, much younger than my chronological age.  Had a small skin cancer on my face some 20 years ago while living in Oz; had it burnt off, and took more care about being in that sun Down Under, with my fair complexion, without a shade hat.  Have mild high blood pressure (perhaps mainly from the salted mixed nuts that I eat regularly; everything having its downside).  And every day, after plenty of rest, I am ready to greet the new day, with boundless energy.
     And hopefully, to greet the New Day soon.
     And it can't come soon enough.  To end this crazy world of low consciousness that we are living in.
     And - by our social structures - forcing others to do so as well.
     So come: join in.  As I said - found myself saying - to one of my workshop guests once, when the subject came up about The Times We Are Living In: "I didn't choose to incarnate at this time in order to waste my time."
     And neither did you, if you but knew it.  So: Feel the burn.  And let's go.  We have work to do.
     A marvelous work and a wonder. As it has been called.
     Landing the kingdom of heaven on (the New) Earth.
     Here, at the end of
     one Age.
     And the beginning of another.
     As the beat - of life - goes on.
     And Up.
     Carrying us with it.
     Those who are ready to progress, that is.
     The others of Us?
     To be blessed.  And left to find and lift their way out of the Matrix, as they will.  For it is
     their choice.
     As always.
     By a loving Father-Mother God.
     Who doesn't want us to be mere automatons.
     But seasoned veterans of the realm of Choice.  Preparing us for the 'job'
     of being gods in our own right.
     Reflecting the fullness of
     the Light
     and Love
     The Plan
     And Purpose
     to it


1 actually, medical-pharmaceutical-government complex.
   Another story in its own right.

2 Blame in particular David Rockefeller Sr.; he of the ‘fossil fuel’ oil business fame, who way back towards the beginning of the 20th century funded medical schools, and pushed pharmaceutical drugs on their training, because they are petroleum-based products.
   And to this day, Money controls the mainstream medical profession in America.  To the point of killing the opposition.
  Another story.

3 Ernst T Krebs, Jr.  The biochemist son of the man (M.D.) mainly behind the discovery of the role of what they called vitamin B17 in cancer treatment.  A most intriguing story; well covered in the book (and YouTube video) ‘World Without Cancer’ by G. Edward Griffin.

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