Sunday, 4 October 2015

While You Slept

I was watching an interesting video yesterday about the role of money down through the ages which got into such subjects as the petrodollar, and how this country was sold out from under our feet - literally.  The federal government has been locking up enormous amounts of the land - and its resources - as collateral for our debt.1  

Now, you may say, ‘Well, The Republican Party - as the more fiscal responsible of the two main political parties - should have warned us about what was going on.’  Hel-lo.  The Republican Party is involved in the heist.  

It is the same with the heist of the country via the sellout of the Constitution, with both parties colluding in the illegal candidacy of Obama.  As I have just said in a note back to a Republican senatorial candidate in my home state,2 in response to a donation-request letter from him:

‘Dear Tom,

‘Good luck in your campaign.  But I’ll have to pass in supporting you.  You see, I believe that the Republican Party needs to be hauled into court on RICO-statute charges of colluding with the Democrat Party in the illegal candidacy of Obama in 2008 and 2012 - for not being a “natural born” citizen* - & dissolved, as the criminal enterprises that they are; & so neither of them should be around for the 2016 elections. 

‘Whatever new political parties take their places, I will be happy to support you in.  You have sound policies.  But I will not support a corrupt enterprise, & the trashing of the Constitution.’

* see, e.g.,

However, a longer response would have gone into the fact that I doubt seriously that there will be any elections in 2016 in any event.  You see, it’s time for something new, alright.  Just not the New World Order of our erstwhile Masters and Keepers.  That is part of the equation - of the Hegelian process at work, in the unfolding of consciousness in the body politic on this planet, via ’natural’ reaction to theses.3  We are now at the culminating stage of The Process.4  

And as it so happens, just in time.  So to speak.  In terms of the ‘time’ - the Age; the Round - that we have been given, in which to explore creation.  

Now, to be released from the prison of the 3D Matrix that we have been encased in - this Illusion, of separation and duality - to safely do our exploring in.        

Our raising of consciousness in.  Growing thereby from the experience.

Or not.

Our individual choices.

Those who have been playing Dark side parts, now to be given the opportunity a) to realize that they have just been playing a part, in The Drama of our making; and b) to come back over to the Light side.  The default side.  The richer in consciousness for the experience.

Or to stay stuck in their roles, believing their roles to be who they really are.  Rather than just their roles, this incarnation round around.        

Staying, so to say: 



1 I say “our” debt, but because I have been living out of the country for the last nearly 40 years, I wasn’t here when the national debt ballooned out of all possibility of ever paying it back; so it didn’t happen on my watch, as it were.  However, I did see it - or something like it - coming before I left the country, and had started taking measures to deal with it as I individually could at the time: Realizing that the Federal Reserve Note was ‘funny money’ - had been subtly put in place over the years from either gold- or silver-backed currency - and that we were being fleeced, I joined a tax resistors’ movement, and was preparing for my day in court, when fate - or whatever - intervened, and I went off to Scotland to live in a spiritual community.  Another story.  But with the advent of the corruption in my home country having gotten so far as the installation of a Usurper in the highest office in the land, I was drawn back, to be involved with the End Times.  Either of my country.  Or of the corruption that had eaten away at its soul.
   And I wasn’t about to let the latter state of affairs win the day.  Also another story. 

2 I clarify this point because I am starting to get similar mailings from Republican Party candidates for various offices in many parts of the country, as things start hating up for the 2016 elections - if there are to be any.  Read on…

3 First a ‘thesis’ - a position - is presented, which then triggers a reaction in the form of an antithesis, out of which dynamic is spawned a synthesis of the two positions; but since the historical process is still unfolding, said synthesis just becomes the thesis of the next stage of development.  Until you get to the final, complete stage, on a global level.
   Welcome to the true Synthesis.  

4 This includes religions.  We are now coming into our maturity, as fully fledged spiritual beings.  No longer just having a human experience.
   It is no accident, for example, that a book like 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus' is coming out at this time.  For we are now to live in a state of Truth.  And the Truth will out, under the pressure of that sort of Light, to fill our new realm by.

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