Friday, 30 October 2015

The New World Order Crowd:

Calling A Spade A Spade

I don’t know who others of the NWO Crowd are.  But I know that a lot of them are Jews, who have chafed for years in the yoke1 of having to live ‘under’ people they consider their inferiors: Christians, and other ‘goyim’ - cattle, to them.  But especially the Christians, who they feel look down on them - their rightful, Chosen-People superiors - as ‘Christ killers,' 'kikes,’ and the like.  And so: a special animosity between these two ‘People of The Book’.  And so the Jews have plotted for years, a) to get even, and b) to take over, and reduce the goyim a) to servant status, and b) to major elimination altogether.2  

Step by step.  First, by such seemingly innocuous steps as managing to outlaw speech that could ‘incite to violence;’ then speech that is ‘hateful;’ then speech that could merely ’offend’ somebody. aka political correctness.  And: First, outlawing discrimination on the basis of race - using the blacks as a battering ram to take down the (Constitutional) wall in this country of fundamental ’liberty’ - and oh yes, add ‘creed, color, and national origin’ while we’re at it.  Somewhere in that concatenation of categories managing to include Jews in the coverage, without having to spell it out as such, to the stupid goyim.  Oh, sorry: a redundancy, there…

And then continue to create supportive-to-their ends ‘minority’ groups, like women as a (persecuted) class, and a welfare class, and Muslims, and not to forget LGBTs.3  Neat.  In the destruction of every American value and principle (like the family unit), in their pursuit of happiness, in this case the happiness of control - and total control at that - over their desired slaves.  

Goyim.  A ‘hate’ word if there ever was one.  But that one doesn’t count, you see.  Is okay, you see.  Because it’s true.

To a Jew.

And anyway, is just a term for ‘the Others’.  You see.

Don’t you?

Sure you do.  And if you don’t:

Ve haf vays to make you see.  

Things.  Our way…

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we found Jewish influence in - actually pervading - the moves for ‘multiculturalism’ all over the planet, and including in the UN’s moves to get Muslim ’refugee’ resettlement in the Western world; as a cover for cultural breakdown, and then takeover, in their totalitarian New World Order.  

As a side note here: Jews have a seeming penchant for dressing up in Arab costume and playing the likes of jihadist.  See, e.g., ISIS, a Mossad operation in part (with the CIA & Saudi Intelligence as partners); and other false flag ops down through the years.  Culminating - perhaps - in the Mossad operatives on 9/11 telling the police who stopped their van - loaded with explosives - on a bridge that fateful day: “We’re not the ones that you’re looking for.  It’s the Arabs that you’re looking for.”


Got away with that one squeaky clean, didn’t you, Michael Chertoff & Co.?…

Gotta give you s.o.b.’s credit.  You’re good at what you do.  

Or at least, at how you get away with it.  With your control over the MSM, and all.

And when all else fails: Money talks. Right, Mike???…      

Our Crowd.  Indeed.  Host.  Not of daffodils. But of Daffy Ducks.  Willing to duck out of the way, of setting off their Samson Option, if all else fails……

But let me end this blog on a positive note.  That

It’s time.

For a change.


Just not the one planned for the world.  By an inferior people.

Inferior, not by ‘blood’.

But by consciousness.

For, you see:

At the end of the day

the Light wins out over the darkness.

That’s just

the way things are.

In this creation.

Go play in another Matrix, boys and girls, with your penchant for Hollywood-style illusion.

This one’s




1 = ‘yoga’…

2 When I speak of 'the Jews' I am basically referring to what is called the Rothschild Zionists, aka the RKM - the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia - the ersatz Jews from Khazaria in the northern Caucasus region, who have been sent to trouble the world, for an ultimate worthy cause (not that they are aware of that): the cause of consciousness-raising.
   True Jews - more of the Torah than the Talmud - are another peoples entirely.  Who have been used mercilessly by their erstwhile masters too, the RKM, in such takeover scenarios as World Wars I and II, as a means to an end.
   Another story.

3 You don’t think that the creation of a class of ‘gender confused’ people wouldn’t have been disrupted and stopped long ago - for noticing them like canaries in a coal mine - if someone wasn’t benefiting by it, do you??  
   Besides the doctors, who have thereby a whole new clientele to make money off of - I mean, to treat.  To the likes of sex change ops.  And sessions with psychiatrists.  And drugs  And.  And….
   The ‘issue’ of the Western medical profession - aka the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - being a whole ’nother issue in its own right.


…and to show that I can be ‘ecumenical’ in my take on things; this: 

from ‘Pastor Smacks Down Bernie Sander’s [sic] Defense Of Socialism With This Quote’ - October 30; orig. October 21 
(“John Piper, author and former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, had some striking criticisms of Bernie Sander’s [sic] socialist political platform. On a recent podcast, Piper answered a question from a listener who asked, “How should Christians view socialism?”
  “Piper responded, stating first that he was no expert. However, in the church, they teach that “no one should go hungry… be without a place to stay. No one should fail to get the health care they need. No one should go without a job if it is possible for believers to help them find one.”
  “He asserted that even though these are tenants of the Christian belief structure, “all of this should happen through the free and uncoerced help of other believers.” Not, in other words, because of government edicts or mandates. 
  “Piper quoted Acts 2:44-45: “All who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”
  “This was all being done freely by believers, of their own conviction and volition. He goes on to explain the difference between Christian charity and socialism…”  Makes a good statement here.  Check it out.)

kibitzer3 a minute ago (October 30)

Well noted, John.

It goes to human dignity. We are not automatons of the state. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, among which experiences is the occasional - perennial? - threat to our free will, by people who would love to control us, to within an inch of our lives, as their cattle. Think the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao.

Thanks, no thanks. Been there. Done that. No need to play that tape again. Hopefully learned that lesson.

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