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On Truthseeking And Trolling

As a bit of follow-up to my blog of Monday, titled 'On Questioning Reality'.  And to give a little background first.

I first came across the subject of concerns about vaccines in the latter half of 1994, when I happened to come across (in a chiropractor's waiting room, while waiting for my partner to finish her appointment) a book titled 'Vaccination, Social Violence And  Criminality: The Medical Assault On The Human Brain' by one Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.; who, it turned out, had been called 'arguably the foremost medical historian of our time'.  In this book - which, as is my wont, as a truthseeker, I then tracked down and bought a copy of - he goes into meticulous detail on the subject of how vaccines can affect the brain, and especially on the specific subject of autism.1  This led me to quite an extensive search through many books on the general subject of the downsides of vaccines, and specifically, on the matter of brain damage - or 'Learning Disabilities,' as it was generically being called; ADD and ADHD and dyslexia and dyspraxia, and full-blown autism, with its own spectrum of disorders, so-called high-functioning autistics called Asperger's Syndrome, and so forth.  All of which noticeably started climbing in the '50s, it is recognized.  For what reason??  Ah, well; oh yes.  That.  Well.  No one really knows these things.........

But - and especially with the continued rise of autism rates even after mercury was (quietly) withdrawn from many vaccines (and even with the flu shots being added to the mandatory regimen at the same time, thus confusing the figures and issue) - it is obvious that there are other causes of brain damage/encephalitis.  This (big big) business of vaccines - and mass vaccination programs - is only one of them.2  What else could be involved?

Long story short: EMFs.  EMR (electromagnetic radiation).  The huge increase in cell phone use, and cell phone towers,3 and smart meters, and wireless devices of all sorts, precisely tracks the increase in autism.4

And autism happens now, because of that EMF factor, in the womb as well.  Not just via the instrumentality of

the jab.

Which, if I were a lesser person than I am, I would love to administer to these, er, misguided souls.

As Jackie Gleason used to say, in his role as Ralph Kramden, when he was really wound up by his wife:

'One of these days, Alice - BAM - right in the kisser.'    

One of these days, you miscreants, you scalawags, you rapscallions, you, er, unnice are going to get yours.

And hopefully,


Because - for one - my patience is at an end.

You have been given plenty of time, and opportunity, to reconsider your position.

And come over to the Light side.

Now.  Put up.

Or rue the day that you ever allowed yourself to be seduced by


Raw power.

Power Over.

Rather than living your life by the principle of

Power With.5


And that business in the title about Trolling?  Consider this exchange:

from ‘Donald Trump: The only presidential candidate to tell the truth about vaccines’ - S. Johnson - October 12
(“In a series of tweets made in September 2014, the presidential candidate expressed concerns about administering vaccines to children in large doses. He suggested that administering vaccines in small doses over time might be able to reduce autism rates in children…
“Meanwhile, other presidential candidates claim that vaccines are harmless. The debate isn't centered on whether vaccines are safe, but whether they should be a choice or mandatory…)

kibitzer3 2 days ago (October 12)

Yes, some vaccines are responsible for autism. But we truthseekers muss be careful not to lay the whole epidemic at the feet of vaccines. the role of EMR in our culture - from cell phone towers, cell phones themselves, smart meters, et al - is also a factor.

We need to get to the bottom of it all. And stat. Any halfway intelligent species would.



  • pharma whistle blower kibitzer3 a day ago (October 13)

  • On June 4th, 2015, REUTERS accurately reported criminal MERCK criminally colluded with the US FDA to block all competitors' MMR version from being approved and further criminal MERCK criminally colluded with the US CDC to HIDE and CONCEAL with criminal malcie of forethought that the Merck MMR Vaccines has hikes infant and child AUTISM by at least 314 percent since early 2003.

  • Take your troll deflection elsewhere BS artist; perhaps you and OJ are still lookin for the real killer also?

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    • kibitzer3
      pharma whistle blower 2 hours ago  (October 14)

    • You seem willing to look at some facts. Why not others??

    • And so, who's the troll now???

    • Dan pharma whistle blower a day ago (October 13)

    • Couldn't agree more! These stupid trolls make me sick. Let THEM take the coolaid. BTW, virtually ALL the "elitists" eat organic foods while saying how safe gmos are for the rest of us. And of course, they will be the only exempted class not mandated to get their vaccines when that finally goes down. Called population control, obviously. These trolls are either incredibly stupid or pushing an agenda for the elite!

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      • kibitzer3
        Dan 2 hours ago (October 14)

      • To call someone a troll because they agree that vaccines cause some of the autism that is becoming epidemical in numbers now, but not all, is to show at the least that you are not conversant with all the facts of the matter. At the most, well, you're obviously very smart; I'm sure that you can figure the answer to that one out for yourself.



1 It turns out that autism was first identified in the '30s with people who had encephalitis - brain damage from brain inflammation, due to whatever cause; and then began appearing in earnest in the '40s, curiously enough first amongst more affluent families, AND people with some association with the medical field - nurses, etc.  These were the people to first line up for the wondrous new medical modality of vaccines.  The doctor who first recognized this cohort fact did little more than comment on it.  But then the numbers of children diagnosed with autism grew in the late '40s and through the '50s, as the mass vaccination programs kicked in.
   (N.B. First cases of it have also been traced down to people who had something to do with mercury; in particular, with its compounds used in pesticides.  Mercury is used in some vaccines.  (Used to be in more, until the scare about it, in the '80s, started affecting the numbers of children who were being presented by their parents for their shots.  It is now limited almost exclusively to the flu shots (it is used in multiple-dose vials, to kill microbes that might infiltrate the contents.)  Autism rates are also higher in the wake of the mercury-contaminated aerosols from coal-fired power plants.  Go figure.

2 I often think that the best way to find out what is really 'true' and what isn't, is to ask people if they would continue doing what they are doing if there weren't something in it for them for doing it.  Thus, how long would oncologists stay in business, prescribing chemo and radiation and/or surgery, if there were no money in it for them?  But how long would naturopaths and the like stay with their line of 'work' if there were no money in that approach to health maintenance?  The latter would still believe in their approach.  I imagine that there are few oncologists who would continue to prescribe chemo if there were no money - BIG money - in it for them for doing so.
   Take the making of money out of the equation.  And see what remains.

3 Especially near schools - and what is THAT all about???
   It turns out that it is not only about the increased use of cell phones by children.  But these towers give off, not only EMR - sickening, weakening, and killing our affluent, First World children, who need to be culled, by the New World Order crowd, because we Americans live too high on the hog, need to be cut down to Third World size, and become one with the happy herd.  But mind control signals.
   Another subject, in its own right.

4 See  Video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.
   (I didn't include this link in my response to these characters, because why should I do their homework for them??  But I am happy to let you, Dear Reader, widen your awareness of such things.
   And, hopefully, do something about it.

5 As for that Power; consider:
   If you are ever tempted
   To think that no one cares
   You live or die
                 just remember
   That God does.  Because
                   you are
                    part of
   The I.

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