Saturday, 24 October 2015

On Speaking Truth To Power

To: Jerry Brown
      Governor, California

From: Duane 'Stan' Stanfield
           Citizen, CA & U.S.A.

Dear Gov. Brown:

I understand that you were trained by the Jesuits.  Is that why you have allowed the State of California to fall victim to the Agenda 21 scam, in a number of ways:

1) Allowing the federal government to utilize weather war - aka geoengineering - on your/our State, thus creating man-made drought (NOT the same as 'man-made Global Warming/Climate Change,' which is a canard) in the nation's Breadbasket, in order a) to kill off as many people - i.e., 'useless eaters' in the terminology of your masters - as possible, or, barring their outright death, b) to herd them into the FEMA camps all ready in place for them, where they can be controlled, or killed outright.

2) Applying a carbon tax on 'your' citizenry, as part of the (false) thesis about AGW that is being promoted by such bodies as the Trilateral Commission - and your tutors, the Jesuits - in order to bring humanity further under the control of the Cabal/the Elite/the Illuminati/take your pick of epithets, who wish to rule the world with an iron fist, and are accomplishing their goal and mission by just such tactics as brainwashing the public into believing that they are responsible for the environmental crisis going on, and so need to be treated like cattle 'to save the planet'.  Or more accurately: to save their Masters's hides, when The Truth outs, that the 'sustainable' agenda is simply a device in order to get TPTB's 2030 New World Order agenda enacted.

Just wondering.


'Stan' Stanfield
Long Beach, CA


To: The Puppet in the White House

From: Duane 'Stan' Stanfield
           One of your subjects - Not

Dear Usurper:

I see that you have added the 'Strong Cities Network' to your quiver of arrows that you are shooting, in your mission to take down the American Republic* - the SCN being a way not only to federalize the local police - as you have been engaging in, with your slowly-slowly maneuvers - but to globalize the local police of the nation, putting that policing in the hands of outright UN troops, in order to quell the anticipated riots, from this last-stage, blatant takeover of your desired former U.S.A.

And following right on from that move, I see that you have appointed an Assistant Attorney General whose job it is to oversee the control of 'potential domestic terrorists,' in the form of 'patriots' and 'constitutionalists' and such.

Government dissenters, in other words.

Dissenters of your illegal and tyrannical government, that is.

Just saying.


'Stan Stanfield
You know where to find me

* another major one of course being the stealthy moves - enhanced from such psyops as the Sandy Hook exercise, complete with paid accomplices, and the Boston Marathon Bombing drill, complete with crisis actors and Hollywood direction - to confiscate, excuse me, 'control' the citizen's (rightful) weapons of self-defense from just such wannabe tyrants as yourself

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