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To BBA Or Not To BBA

A recent (October 5) issue of The New American has an article warning about the dangers of a ’BBA Con-Con’ - a Balanced Budget Amendment Constitutional Convention.  (Such a convention can’t be limited, could be hijacked; a Balanced Budget Amendment does nothing about the hijacking of the Constitution itself already; etc.)  I would like to take the discussion one step further, to summarize the situation as it exists today.  To do that, I’d like to take a comment that I made on my blog of yesterday on the subject of Obama’s ineligibility for the office of POTUS; to wit:

“To All And Sundry:

“You can stand for the trashing of the Constitution, which is not only the law of the land but the embodiment of the rule of law, and its replacement with the rule of men, aka arbitrary law, which is tantamount to tyranny.  That is your choice.  But I for one will not stand for it…”

‘But I for one will not stand for it.’

But it has been trashed anyway, already.

Example.  The federal government these days is not limited to the ‘enumerated’ powers granted it by the Constitution - and, by logical implication, barred from any other power.  But it has assumed powers beyond its constitutional prerogative nevertheless - and has gotten away with its larceny.  So, the American citizenry have - by and large - chosen to live in an artifice; a fantasy land, governed by neither the rule of law nor not quite totally the rule of men; a fiction, relying on the U.S. Supreme Court to keep some semblance of order, at least.  

I’ve got a better idea.  We move out from under this fictitious condition, this amalgamation of mutually warring parts - a House divided against itself; this ersatz reality - altogether.  And into what has been called

the kingdom of heaven.  

At last.     

As to the description, ‘the kingdom of heaven’.

We come now to the crux of the matter, so to speak.

Long story short:

After quite a few years of following leads in trying to uncover the Truth about the Christian story - for there is a lot of falsehood immediately obvious in it1- I feel that D.M. Murdock/aka Acharya S has pretty well nailed it, in her various summaries of her and others’ research into the matter of the Gospel story: that it is a fiction, based on earlier gods, particularly out of Egypt.  The subject is called astrotheology, which involves gods (and goddesses) based on astronomy/astrology - the movements in/of ‘the heavens’, of various warring entities, and the like.2  I won’t go into all that in detail here, because I want to move on to further research into the matter; first by the fairly recent publication of Joseph Atwill’s ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ (covered in footnote 1), and then the various books by an Englishman named Ralph Ellis, who has also uncovered elements to the story.  

Ellis’s ‘angle’ is that there was, indeed, a ‘Jesus’ figure in that general era, but he was a prince-cum-king, of an area called Edessa - in northern Syria - who was of high royal lineage, descended from Cleopatra and Caesar, and was laying claim to the crown of emperor at Rome (which had become open upon the suicide of Nero) via the Jewish Revolt of 65-70 CE.3  His ‘ministry’ did, indeed, end with him being crucified (along with two others), but - after some days of suffering on the cross - he was taken down, and hauled before Vespasion, at Alexandria - his/the conqueror in those wars (along with his son, Titus) - and made a deal.  

Vespasian wanted to become emperor.  But he was a commoner.  He needed a gimmick - an ‘oracle’ - to signify him, stand him out from the crowd.  If Jesus/Izas, a messianic-like leader of the Jewish Revolt, would provide him with a ‘sign’ - an omen, an indication of godship; like, say, a healing - Vespasion would let him live, albeit in exile, never to trouble the Empire again.  Apparently Jesus/Izas, who had been injured either in the battles or while on the cross (was lame, and blind in one eye; according to the historical record of a strange man who had been brought before Vespasion in Alexandria at the time), let it be claimed that he had regained his sight at the miraculous hands of Vespasion; the quid pro quo was that Jesus/Izas was granted clemency and sent off in exile at the furthest reaches of the Roman Empire, as far off to its outskirts as he could be sent: in England.  Precisely, in Chester, where a special fortress was built for him and some of his entourage, with an inner enclosure with a separate bathhouse from the guards, and a temple, similar to temples in the Middle East; down to a zodiac built into the flooring.  

A special Spandau indeed.

And thus - according to Ellis - the legend of King Arthur.  Jesus presiding (in exile) in the middle of a Round Table of his courtiers, mirroring the zodiac, with Ursa Major in the center: The Great Bear.  Which was also, apparently, the original name for Egypt (Arturi).  And not only the legend of King Arthur; but of the Maimed King.4  And on a search for the ‘Grail’.  Which, according to Ellis, was Mary Magdalene - whose womb was the Grail; and had delivered four children to them - but she was not allowed him, as part of the deal.  (Was off in the south of France; as close as she could/was allowed to get to him.)  

A very intriguing story.  And, I am also aware that there is some evidence for a holy man named Iesus/Issa having traveled to India, in roughly that same time period.  But I haven’t been able to uncover any more links to that story than that fact.  I will stay with the indisputable fact of the peculiar prison - the prison for a very special person - in Chester; and let this little visit to history - real history - go at that.

In summary.

Those of us on the ‘A’ team - that is to say, those who live our lives by, steer our ships by the light of Truth - will not rest until the truth of all things has been revealed, for all to see, and live their lives by, or not, as they choose, of their free will.  The ultimate Truth being that there is Plan in and Purpose to the universe, and that purpose is Good.  And we now have developed, both intellectually/technologically and materially, to the point where we can create a realm here on Earth that reflects greater homage, and gratitude, to our Creator, for giving us life with meaning.

And so be it.

And this way, we get rid of the terrible social scars of the system of ‘profit’ making that has taken over on the planet.  The lure of money-making being what it is; money having become an end in itself rather than the (convenient) means to an end - the sharing of goods and services - that it was 'supposed' to be.  Drugs that are just to make money for the manufacturers - and loaded with side effects, which also require other drugs to treat them.  Vaccinations, ditto; plus its utility for the delivering of mind-control substances, and anti-fertility agents, and microchips, and the like.  Smart meters and cell phones that are killing us with their EMR.5  Wars to make the world profitable for the likes of Halliburton.  The list of atrocities goes on; spawned by the mentality of the making of money; not of living in communion - common union - with one another.

Money money money.  It’s a rich man’s game…

Hey.  I’ve got an idea.

Since ‘money’ is a reflection of a scarcity situation - of ‘not enough’ of something, and so needing to limit its access in some way - 

- and since we are about to enter into an era of abundance, with the likes of free energy devices, and replicators, and such…

let’s do away with money.

And live by way of Love.

At last.

P.S. And who was, or is, the true Messiah of the Jews??
     Personally, I don’t believe in their story either.  Theirs appears to have been a tribal god; one, perhaps, of the Anunnaki.  Certainly not the Most High.
     That is a god of Love.  Not Vengeance.
     Precisely as Josephus - or whomsoever - made our Creator out to be.
     Or not.
     As the case may well be.
     The case.  For all true believers, in
     the Truth.
     And no lesser.
     With, sometimes, God moving in mysterious ways.
     To us pilgrims on
     The Path.
     To Limitless Love.  And Truth.
     And the Truth shall set us free.
     The Truth, including that
     It is up to us.
     And collectively.
     No one else.
     For, you see,
     We are the One
     that we have been waiting for.
     All along
     The Way.


1 a) Who was it that would have related the story about Jesus in the wilderness being tempted by Satan?  Who was there, to tell of it??  (A: No one.  It’s a story.  Nothing more.)    
   b) A voice booming from heaven at the baptism of Jesus - ‘This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased’.  How come that story was so clear, and so amazingly awesome, yet the event was never reported on by any other record??  No oral records, nothing???  (A: Because it is part of a work of fiction.)
   c) The peculiar story in the Gospel of Jesus cursing the fig tree can only make sense as having been concocted to foreshadow Titus’s ‘later’ military campaign tactic of cutting down fruit trees in order to help bring the vexatious Jews to their knees (more on which allusions, see below). And further in that vein:
   d) How Jesus’s public ministry precisely ‘foreshadowed’ Titus’s ‘later’ military campaign, from the Sea of Galilee to his delayed entry into Jerusalem to activity outside of it afterwards.  No miraculous coincidences.  It was all planned that way.
   (It is a form of literary technique called pesher: drawing parallels between scriptures, old and new.)  
   I could go on.  And on.  And on.
   Bottom line: the Gospel story was just that: a story.  A fable.  Concocted, for a purpose.  The purpose, firstly, of creating a Messiah for the Jews who, contrary to the Maccabees, was ‘meek and mild,’ and advocating rendering unto Caesar what was Caesar's, and would they now please stop their constant revolting??  And secondly, created to lend credence to Titus’s own claim to be the Messiah, because this concocted figure, supposedly some years before his exploits, had - as I say - a public ministry that precisely mirrored his (subsequent) military campaign.  Thus making him - hopefully - the Second Coming, in the eyes of his subjects in that area of the empire.
   A claim that, for whatever reason, never took, sufficiently, to be handed down to our day.
   But the original fable (apparently created mostly by Josephus, a Jewish historian of the Flavian imperial court; who also was, apparently, Saul/Paul. Another story) made it through the ages. 
   And we have been living with a fictional story at the center of our Western civilization ever since.
   Which may help explain, in part, why we are given to fiction, rather than fact.  To Untruth, rather than Truth.  
   We have been programmed that way, by our history.  And baser nature.  Always looking ahead.  Rather than Up.  To say: Within.

2 Apparently the crowns of the pharaohs reflected the electrical discharges between various planetary bodies in our heaven’s violent past.  (See Wal Thornhill’s video on YouTube ’An Electric Cosmology for the 21st Century’.)

3 ‘Jesus, King of Edessa’.  Complete with his crown of thorns…
   And the June 21, 2013 interview with Toltec on YouTube titled ‘King Jesus from Egypt to Camelot,’ with additional info to that in the book.

4 Ellis thinks that Vespasion/Titus had him castrated, so as to cause no more trouble that way, of claimants to the throne.
   Cutthroats - and of other parts - that we are.  
   Have chosen to be. 
   And can choose not to be.
   It's up to us.
   And - hopefully, now - 
   in toto.

5 Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

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