Saturday, 24 October 2015

On Lessons And Their Learning

   A Fact

       is a
Multi-billion dollar 
       ‘Nuff said
       as to why
It is still with us
        and why
       we are still
Locked in 3D
     with lessons
     yet to learn
And among them
As a main one
Is this one:
To treat the terrain
And the rest will follow

      A Fable

Once there was a tribe
Of special people
      (or so they thought
       of themselves
       at least)
Who were a constant irritant to
    their neighbors
    who finally
Went to war with them
          conquered them
And took them into captivity.
Wherein they became
Servants to the king
And in that role, cooked for
The royal family.
And within seventy years
They were free
         and the king
Was reduced to eating
To recover

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