Saturday, 3 October 2015

Another Thought For The Day

from ‘Here’s What Donald Trump Said Right After The Oregon College Shooting’ - Jack Davis - October 2


Too bad that Trump didn't know enough about the subject area to make intelligent comment about the concerns regarding the meds that these sorts of people are put on. With his public voice, that concern could have reached a wide audience, and helped to reverse the use of anti-depressants that is affecting our society so adversely.

There are natural approaches to depression, that can take care of the matter. Our medical-pharmaceutical complex is making us sicker. Not making us better. It's time for a major overhaul in society, besides just the political one.

This is a major subject for our times.  There are natural causes as to why there is so much mental illness, e.g., in society.  That is not a natural condition.  It has causes.  We need to get to the causal level to treat it effectively, and intelligently.

Take depression, one of the symptoms of the spectrum of ’mental illness’.  It is not a normal condition.  It is an abnormal condition, signifying an abnormal level of nutrients.  For example.  When too little vitamin B6 is obtained in the diet,* an essential amino acid from proteins, called tryptophan, is not used normally; instead, it is changed into a substance known as xanthurenic acid.  Which, incidentally, damages the pancreas and produces diabetes.  But to follow our particular trail at this particular time: the point is that tryptophan is a precursor to a critical neurotransmitter called serotonin, aka the ’happy’ neurotransmitter, for its effect on our moods.  Big Pharma has seized on this fact, of serotonin’s importance (not directly on the fact of its precursor tied to the presence of vitamin B6 in the diet), by coming up with a major class of (highly profitable) anti-depressants called SSRIs - for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors - which are designed to increase the levels of serotonin in the synapses between nerve cells.  But - being an artificial construct - it has flaws; flaws which also lead to moods being ‘entrained,’ so that a good mood may be enhanced (briefly), but a bad mood will be enhanced as well.  Result: So much violence in our society - including inwardly, resulting in suicide - traced down to this side effect of anti-depressants. 

All for ‘the want of a nail’: a deficiency in vitamin B6 in the first place…        

Side note: Why is our food debilitated in this way?  Part of the answer is because of the modern, Big Ag production methods, especially with their artificial fertilizers, which leach out of the soil the trace minerals so important to our health, in many ways.  Another factor is the influence of the medical-pharmaceutical complex, who would be put out of business if we were healthy, and stayed healthy, by eating well.  But the major factor is because, in the eyes of our erstwhile keepers, there are too many of us.  Superfluous to their needs, of a docile work force, and that need growing smaller, with the advent of automation, signaling the rise of robots.  Transhumanism, it’s called.  Another subject.    

Anyway.  A thought for the day.


P.S. This knowledge, of the importance of tryptophan in the production of serotonin, was acted on by some company some years ago, in coming up with a tryptophan product (in powder form, to be added to salads, mixed in drinks, etc.) for the retail market; but unfortunately, they used a GM process to produce their product, and it caused some deaths.  Which Big Pharma was quick to take advantage of, in getting rid of a competitor to their (as I pointed out: highly profitable) approach to such problems. 

P.P.S.  Am I against the capitalist system?  In a condition of scarcity: Only when it becomes this ersatz form of capitalism that we have in our modern society, called crony capitalism, where the corporate class enlists the government in their machinations, for increasing their bottom line.  Their bottom line not being our health and welfare.  But their profit. 
     I agree with socialism, to the extent of the society producing things for the benefit of the public, not the private sector’s bottom line.  But they would accomplish their end by Force.  Not by Love.
     A huge difference.
     It is immoral to vote yourself money out of other people's pockets.  Another bottom line.

* which, as one of the B complex of vitamins, is processed out of our wheat (wheat being a major source of the B complex) by modern high-speed roller mill processing.  And a few synthetic such vitamins added back in.  Out of balance with what Nature provides.  And intends.

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