Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bedtime Story

        Trick Or Treat
Multiculturalism At Work
           And Play

(Ding dong)

‘Ye - ‘

‘Trick or treat!’

‘Well my, my.  Will you look at this.’

(No giggles from assorted costumed kiddies, because they have met a ‘real’ witch at this house)  

‘Dear, there are some children at the door.’

‘Well let’em in, and we can have them for dinner.’

‘I don’t think so from this batch.  They look awfully scrawny to me.’

‘Put a little salt on’em, and they’ll do just fine.’

‘Roasted child.  With dumplings.  My favorite dish.’

‘Mine too, honey.  But don’t forget the salt.’

‘I tell you what, Ma’am.  We’ll be going now.  Goodbye.’

‘But we didn’t - ‘

‘Let’s go.’

Are you sure you don’t want to come in?  We’ll put some music on before dinner.  What’s your favorite piece?’

‘But - '

'Hey, are you - ’

‘Let’s go.  Now.’

‘Well then.  Goodbye.  Come back again some time.  Just for a short visit, you understand.  Before…we have you……for………’


‘Well, that’ll put a cat amongst the pigeons.’

‘Anything to keep the nonsense away.’

‘What do you think our new neighbors will think of us now.’

‘Couldn’t care less.’

‘We could have THEM around for dinner, some night.’

‘And your favorite piece?’

‘I think…thigh.’



Now, about the clash of cultures going on, in the Western world…

Well.  For another time.

Time now for the kids to have some fun.

Before things get really serious around here.  The New World Order Crowd beginning to get anxious, and all.

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