Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Debate Opener

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Life is a school, and the purpose is to graduate.  Among the greatest of the lessons that we have to learn in this school is that actions have consequences.  Thus, by rights, we should, for example, have to lie in the bed that we made as regards The Debt.  But since much of that debt is due to the illegal activity of our erstwhile Keepers and Masters, I would allow for a Jubilee to be declared; the decks cleared thereby, a Reset of the monetary system, AND its transformation from a debt-based system - that is, an interest-bearing system, with a fiat currency - into a system simply of credits and debits, on its way to a moneyless system, as we learn to live with Abundance - the Abundance that our Creator has vouchsafed us, once we got to that point in our evolution of consciousness, and concomitant control over our environment, and to say, ourselves, and our God-given abilities, as creators in our own right, for being facets, fractals, aspects of The Whole; the awesome All That Is.

We are at that point, of consciousness development; of understanding the answer to the perennial question, Who Am I.  Just a short ways to go, now, and we are totally there.

I am ready to lead you into that Promised Land: the manifesting of that New Reality, for all who are ready to step into that more potent, and potentizing, Light. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve in that capacity - that you are ready, have risen to the occasion, for such a mission, and stage of your journey, from God and back to God; and bringing with the individualized You - the Seeker, the Explorer - all the riches that you have gathered along The Way.

Also known as

The King’s Highway.

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