Monday, 5 October 2015

The War

I had occasion to send an email to a friend today wherein I talked about the weather war being waged on California, in the form of HAARP and chemtrail activity shutting down the development of low pressure zones over the Pacific approaching the west coast of the U.S. and diverting the weather pattern over the Sierras and Rockies into the mid-continental area (where there has been unseasonable snow falls).  And then I get to some of my snail mail, which included a newsletter report from FAIR -  Federation for American Immigration Reform - wherein they reported on how, e.g., the Obama administration’s policies - specifically, Obama’s unilateral authorization of amnesty legislation for minors - caused a huge increase in numbers of arrivals from Central America.  The Obama administration officials - including his Department of Homeland Security Secretary - attempted to claim that “the surge in Central American illegal immigration was a result of a spike in violence in” the main countries involved.  The Government Accounting Office (GAO) issued a report “thoroughly dismissing” the Obama administration’s contention, laying the cause of the phenomenon squarely where it belongs: at the feet of Obama’s policies.

Shall we call a spade a spade?  

Obama, and his minions, are at war with America.  They are attempting every which way they can to weaken this country, and prepare it for takeover.  

Takeover by whom?  Ah; that is an interesting question.  Which confuses the picture, for those not looking at it in its true context.  Because the threat is not just from the Far Left, of Obama and his army, of socialists/communists.  It is also from the Far Right, of the corporate-government complex of fascists.  And behind both sides of the picture: ’The Powers That Be’.  Because the true picture is not of a flat, two-dimensional figure, of ‘the Right’ and ‘the Left’; but a pyramid.  Of power.  All sides leading up to the capstone.  The nest of vipers behind - on top of, in this imagery - the whole shebang.

The New World order crowd.   

Who are they?

International bankers and industrialists.  Academics.  Foundation officials.  But behind them all - and here I will get to the nub of the matter: is one particular Crowd.

Who even call themselves 'Our Crowd'.

They have been called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).  Aka Rothschild Zionists.  

Ersatz Jews.  Meaning, not true, bloodline Jews.  

Jews originally from a country in mid-Europe (around and in current Ukraine) called Khazaria.  Whose king was converted to Judaism, and brought all of his followers into it with him.  Because - particularly with its Talmudic background - it promoted power.  Power Over.  Power Over Others.

The goyim.

The cattle.

And they have been seeking the Power Over ever since, wherever they have gone, in their Diaspora.

So, when people speak of ‘the Jews’ - and usually in a disparaging way; as I am about to - be aware of the complexity of the matter.

Not all Jews are of this socio-econo-political persuasion.  

But the ones that are, were responsible, for example, for the overthrow of the Czar of Russia, and the enthronement in his place of communism.  And its bloody aftermath. 

Which was, and is, all about power.  

Not ‘equality’.  Where all are equal; but some are more equal than others.

But Power.

Brutal.  Naked.  


So.  My bottom line, of this short presentation, of Things In Our Time:

We are asked to believe
That our enemy
Is ‘radical Islam’.
       But really
It’s the power behind them
And such as ISIS.

It’s the Jews.

     They are nothing
If not clever.
They know how to use
    the lever
Of such as other religions
To beat down their main nemisis:
   and take over
   that way too,

        besides by
   their main tool


It’s a rich man’s game.
If it’s all the same
To you.


And having said all this
Let me end on a note
Of reconciliation:
They have served 
            a purpose.
A higher purpose
Than The Play in itself.
Which has been, more
Truthfully, a means
To an end.
The end in itself
That it has appeared
       to be
To the naked eye.

To get us, actually, to

          the I.

The real war,
You see,
Is within 

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