Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Takeover Scenario

The takeover scenario isn’t just about the Obama administration's federal goons in their MRAPs riding down the streets of the cities in America, keeping tabs on the EMF effects on the mind-controlled populace, from the wi-fi antennas that had been strategically put in place over the years, and rounding up the individuals on their various lists, to be carted off to FEMA camps by category.  Consider this aspect; from False Flag Weekly News for October 8 2015:

And this; from G, Edward Griffin’s ‘Need to Know’ e-newsletter for October 9th:

China: The government is launching an Orwellian program to intimidate citizens into total compliance by issuing “citizen scores”. Scores will be based on people’s usefulness to the government and on their political correctness. Activity on the Internet will be a major source of data for this purpose. Liberty Blitzkrieg 2015 Oct 8 (Story) (Cached)

And just so, the severity of what we are talking about here.  This is not just Scandinavian-style socialism planned for this nation.  This is the Full Monty.  And thus, the people in the categories listed in the first link have every right to defend themselves against their erstwhile slave masters, and potential beheaders.  (And organ harvesters.)*

And don’t let anybody tell you differently.  Even if more false flag shootings continue for awhile. 

Until sanity returns to the nation.  And the world.

In the form of a different world order.

The real thing this time.

Waiting, in the light behind these shadows, to make its entrance on the world stage.

At just the right time.

For its

takeover scenario.


* from the same edition of G. Edward Griffin's Need to Know newsletter:

The Chinese government is accused of torture and harvesting organs from living people who practice Fulan Gong, a spiritual group that does not support Communism. Hard to Believe is a documentary that shows the reality of this incredible crime. The filmmakers estimate that 65,000 Falun Gong were killed for their organs between 2000 and 2008. Western media has refused to carry this story. The Daily Beast posted 2015 Oct 3 (Story) (Cached)

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