Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Meanwhile, Back At The Play...

from patriotupdate.com: ‘Trump States That ”Greatest Military Coup Of All Time” Could Be Underway On U.S. Soil’ - Terresa Monroe-Hamilton - October 6 
(“…there are radical Islamist infiltrators among the refugees being brought into our nation and planted in our neighborhoods. And it is by design. This is the Hijrah migration and Obama is actively promoting it here in the US to accomplish several things…”)


Trump or Cruz may be the only hope for this country.

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Like many conservatives, Charlie, you haven't done your homework, to realize that Cruz is ineligible for the job, for not being a 'natural born' citizen. As Obama is not. (For not having had two U.S. citizens as parents.) Which is why he is a Usurper. And needs to be removed from the office, by Oathkeepers, before he can do any more damage to the nation than he has already done. And things will NOT be set right by trying to make two wrongs make a right. So Cruz is out of the picture. Next up: Obama.

2) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘Can America Win World War III?  A Critical Analysis’ - Dave Hodges - October 5, posted October 6
kibitzer - October 6

For the want of a nail...

This whole thing could have been nailed at the beginning.  We are reaping the whirlwind of the wind that was sowed when the ineligible Marxist was allowed to run for and then to occupy the Oval Office.  Too many citizens apparently assumed that Obama was eligible because the Republican Party did not challenge his candidacy.  BIG mistake.  The Republican Party Establishment is in ON the theft of the American Republic, in order to merge it into their money masters' New World Order.  

We were warned by the Founding Fathers to keep an eye out for this very sort of thing.  What a miserable generation of Americans we have turned out to be.

So far.  But there is hope yet.  But not in thinking of the likes of nuclear war.  That would be to foul our own nest.  There is a better way.  And that is to do what we should have done in the beginning.

To remove the Marxist Usurper from his throne.  With the help of Oathkeepers, Current and retired.  Rising to the clear occasion.


N.B. I'm not sure if Dave Hodges will print this.  He doesn't seem to want to print my offerings; this is the third time I have responded with a comment on his threads, with 'no luck' the other times.  But anyway.  The thought's the thing.  It's out there.  Done.

(Follow-up: To give credit where credit is due: It did end up being posted.)

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