Tuesday, 20 October 2015

On Being Perfectly Clear

Let me clarify something.

1) Obama & Co. have quietly been putting their chess pieces in place.  A pawn here, a pawn there.  A bigger piece when his DHS bought some 2.2 billion - that's billion - rounds of particularly lethal ammunition; another bigger piece quietly moved into place with his private army's purchase of 2700 MRAPs; all very quiet and sitting there, on the board, in place.  And now, things are heating up:

2) His new Attorney General shows her colors by giving a speech at the UN at the end of September codifying UN personnel becoming part of our nation's local police forces, under the rubric of something called the 'Strong Cities Network'.  Signaling that the U.S. will be a good member of something called 'the global community".   And then, two weeks later:

3) An Assistant Attorney General is appointed to work in conjunction with the Southern Poverty Law Center - a far left organization - in identifying, and keeping an eye on, to the end of criminalizing, free speech advocates, especially those expressing criticism of the government.  'Government dissenters'.  Calling them 'potential domestic terrorists'.  And naming, in the same category, the likes of patriots, conservatives/constitutionalists, Christians, Ron Paul supporters, those who voted for Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr in the 2008 elections, veterans...the list goes on, of those who used to be considered, and called, 'good Americans,' in the bad old days of the likes of, er, free speech.

Political enemies.  Precisely has happened in Nazi Germany.  Now, kicking off the New World Order.1

I could fill in some other details, but you get the drift.  Now, for the other piece of My Clarity:

Given all this, do I support a violent overthrow of Obama's forces, and his violent removal from the White House?

No.  (That would just perpetuate the level of the problem.)

What do I support, then?

I support Oathkeepers - both current and retired; and including Constitutional Sheriffs - quietly taking back the levers of power in our country - arresting the smaller fry (including the commissars in the executive-branch departments and agencies currently issuing their arrogant regulations and directives), dissolving Congress; the works.  And announcing to the citizenry the return to the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America.  Including Obama's pending arrest.  And in the meantime, that nothing he says or issues is to have any effect.  Is null and void.2  And they will be waiting outside the White House, for him to surrender himself to

the rule of law.

Not being above the law.

No matter what - judging by many of his actions to date - he thinks.

And his powerful backers - hungering for even more power - have tried to insinuate.  Unhappy with the Constitution being a barrier to their best-laid plans.



1 Some people are confused by the term.  Precisely who are these Bad Guys, who want a totalitarian One World state, controlled by them?  Of the far Left - i.e., socialists/communists.  Or of the far Right - i.e., fascists??
   They are a combination of, aspects of, both.  It's called 'communitarianism'.  It is how, incidentally, communist Van Jones described Barack Obama.  It is an unholy alliance between the two ideologies, calculated to give them both the prize, of total control over humanity, and they can work out the details of the new World Order between them, after they have gained power.
   Meaning, after they have subdued the likes of us 'potential domestic terrorists'.

2 Along with all the legislation that he illegally signed into law, and all the Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that he illegally issued, and all the appointment that he illegally made, for being an ineligible occupant of the Oval Office.
   And that includes all the decisions that the U.S. Supreme Court made that depended on his two appointments for their passage.


All of this, because:

from libertyalliance.com: ‘’U.S. Military Constitutionally Obligated To Arrest Obama, Congress For Treason’ - orig. posted at Constitution.com - Bethany Blankley - October 20


Oathkeepers should arrest Obama and dissolve Congress but for another, more fundamental reason: Obama is a Usurper in the office, for not being a "natural born" citizen - i.e., one born on the soil of TWO (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents; the definition of the term as CLEARLY understood at the time of the creation of the Constitution; see E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations' - and Congress has failed in its constitutional duty and responsibility to rein in the rogue Executive. (The issue has yet to make it to the U.S. Supreme Court; but that doesn't exonerate Congress from having failed in ITS duty.) 

And that way, all the legislation that the Usurper has signed into law, and all the E.O.'s and P.D.'s that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made (including to the U.S. Supreme Court) go with him, into the trash bin. And we get back to the rule of law in this country - to say, the Constitution. Not the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Which is the hallmark of tyrants down through the ages. 

America should never have gone down that road in the first place. But here we are. We can still do something about it. But we had better be quick about it. The Tyrant may make a move towards declaring martial law at any moment that he chooses. It is time - and almost past - for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country, in the land of the once free and the home of the once brave. Let's prove that We the Living can rise to the occasion, and thus honor the land that we were bequeathed.

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