Sunday, 25 October 2015

On Getting To 'I'

On Getting To ‘I’

What would I do?

For a start, I would tell the taxpayers to go on strike, and thus force the collapse of this corrupt system.*  Then I would call on Oathkeepers, current and retired, to help me take over the running of the country.  In that position - as a stopgap benevolent dictator (no big deal, as the Usurper has already established the space of/as a dictator; I would just take that space over for the Light) - I would:-

+ round up all those who have been working - ostensibly - for the Dark forces, and hold them for trial, in a legitimized court of law.  This includes the Usurper himself; 

+ dissolve the Congress, for failing in its constitutional duty to rein in the rogue Executive;

+ institute debt forgiveness to the old governance, for its having been established deceitfully; and 

* establish a new global monetary system, based on gold/precious metals - i.e., ‘hard currency,’ as opposed to fiat money - and then, in right timing, eliminate money altogether, as we get used to living in Abundance - our ‘system’ propelled, not by (the lure of making a) profit, but by ‘Love’: our gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.   
     A corollary to this state of affairs is that ‘income’ is severed from ‘work’ - so that we can let automation take over more and more of the repetitive kinds of work, and - in conjunction with the establishing of long-suppressed technologies - thus free us for other, more satisfying pursuits; everyone working fewer hours a week for the benefit of the collective, as we develop our innate talents - living from the Heart center - and enjoy the likes of space travel, and experimenting with the likes of teleportation.
     Thus, what appears today as a ‘sin’ - people deliberately living on welfare, rather than engaging in gainful work - has been the mirror/reverse image of ‘the real thing’:
     the kingdom of heaven on Earth.    
     Coming to a theatre of operations near you.
     And sooner than you might think.
     All, helping us get to - identify with -
     our true I.

* I understand that our tax monies doesn’t go directly, e.g., to those on welfare programs of various kinds, goes mainly to pay on the interest to the federal debt (which is $19 trillion - that’s TRILLION - and Black Hole Rising as we speak).  But without our tax monies, the federal govt. will have to try to borrow more on the money market; and other countries can see the writing on that wall, and will stop lending us money, as a basket-case bad deal.  Result: End of the charade, faster than if we continued just to play the game, as we are doing at present.

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