Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Speaking Of Our Authorities...

I have just received an email from my state's junior senator in which she takes President Trump to task for his proposed Budget, making cuts here and there.  I have read her email in detail.  My response:

'Dear Sen. Harris,

'I see that you are complaining about President Trump's proposed cuts to the federal budget.  I would suggest that you look at this matter a little more closely.  You might - might - see some things that I see.  For example:

'The nation is $20 trillion - that's trillion.  With a t  - in debt.  And you are proposing...what, exactly.  That we keep this sort of of thing up?  That we continue to live by going in debt??  Debt that we are committing our children, and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren, and our great great grandchildren - and going on and on, ad infinitum - to pay off, in this gigantic Ponzi scheme???

'Besides being immoral, do you think that that scenario even makes sense????

'Senator, this nation is bankrupt.  Even if we let our creditors - like the nation of China, for pertinent example - come in here and take over all of our assets that they wish to, in exchange for our debt to them, it would still not be enough to pay off that amount of debt.  The only answer is that we declare bankruptcy, from our profligate spending, snd start over.

'And I suspect that that is the idea, after all.  From both sides of the political aisle; at least from the extremes of both sides thereof.  From the good people of this nation having been seduced by the money changers and other erstwhile Masters of the Universe, into this scheme, of national takeover.  Having allowed it to fall into their laps like a ripe plum.

'Before I wrap up this note of disillusion, at your kind of leadership, and that which preceded your time in your present office (although you were in a position to help keep California from falling into the same trap, in your previous job, as its attorney general), just a word about the immorality of it all.  To wit:

'To live off of the earnings of others - and especially if you voted it out of their pockets - is theft, pure and simple.  Is immoral.  Is no way to run a nation, let alone a railroad.  And it is going to come to an end.


'And not in the way that The Powers That Be of this world - now to become the Powers That Were - have planned.

'By the grace - and the sometimes painful (to all parties to The Deal) patience - of God.




A far cry from that other female that I mentioned in my previous blog today, the Air Force captain who is willing to go to Leavenworth if need be, to get the truth out about how our government betrayed the men whom it asked - actually, ordered - to go into harm's way with malicious intent.

A lot of cleaning up to do, here. Before we can move on.

Which we will.

Which we will.

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