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The Lesson, Aka The Process

‘Good morning, Class.’

(The Class; in unison:) ‘Good morning.’

‘I asked your teacher to let me come in today and give you a little lesson.  An interactive one; and not just in Biology.  But in how things work, logically.

‘And to do it, I will start with a premise.  And this is a true one.  The Premise, and Observation:

‘There are higher incidences of multiple sclerosis - hereinafter in this lesson to be referred to as ‘MS’ - in colder climes than in warmer climes.

‘What does that suggest to you.  Anybody.  And just off the top of your head.’

(Short silence.  Then, Student 1; in a blurting-out way:) ‘Uh - that sunlight has something to do with it.’

‘Good.  And what do we know about sunlight.’

(Student 2:) ‘That it causes warmth.’

‘Yes.  What else.  As a class in Biology, you should know this.  Or I’ll have a word with your teacher afterwards.’

(Titters; then, Student 3:) ‘That it creates vitamin D.’

‘Good. Where.’

(Student 3: ) ‘In the body.’

(Student 4:) ‘On the skin.’

(Process Holder; to Student 4:)  ‘Is that the only place in, or on, the body?’’

(Student 3:) ‘No.  In the body.  Systemically.’ 

‘Excellent.  So, hold that thought for a moment, everybody.

’Now.  Just because we now know something about warmer climes, let’s take a look at the bigger picture, here.  To say: Does that mean that there isn’t also possibly something about colder climes that we may have to look at as well, to uncover this ’mystery,’ of the cause of MS?’

(Many; warming to the process:) ‘No.’

‘No.  Indeed.  Now, what do we know about colder climes.  I’ll speed up our little process here a bit, in the interests of time, and give a hint: What grows in dark, damp places.’

(Silence; then, Student 1:) ‘Mold.’

‘Mold.  Excellent observation.  And what is mold a class of?’

(Student 2:) ‘Fungi.’

‘Fungi.  You folks are a joy to be involved with.  

’So, we have two pieces of a possible picture here.  On the one hand, we have observed that molds - fungi - grow in cold climes more so than in warmer climes, and on the other hand, we have observed that vitamin D is generated more in warmer climes than in colder climes, with the relative amount of sunlight involved in the equation.

‘’I’m giving it away a bit here, where I’m steering this little process of observation of ours where we have gone with it, thanks to the input of your perceptive observations; but let’s take it further one step at a time.

’Next step: What, precisely, is MS?’

(Silence; then, Student 3:) ‘It’s a disease characterized by sclerosis.’

‘Which is…’

(Student 3:) ’Sclerosis is a disease in which soft parts inside the body, such as arteries or muscles, become hard.’

‘Become, in other words, damaged.  Good.  Resulting in…’

(Student 3; on a  roll:) ‘Resulting in such symptoms as weakness, fatigue - a lot of problems.’

‘Indeed.  And to speed this process up, and narrow it down, in order to get to our ultimate conclusion faster, I will quote from one of the bodies that raised millions of dollars over the years in supporting research into the disease, and kept doing it right up to the end: “MS causes damage to the myelin coating around the nerve fibers in the central nervous system and to the nerve fibers themselves, resulting in the disruption of the flow of information within the brain.”    

‘That body says that this interruption is caused by, quote, “an abnormal response of the body’s immune system directed against the central nervous system,” unquote - to say, is an auto-immune response of some sort.  But let’s look at the matter from the perspective of factual observation.  What can do this sort of thing; attack the myelin sheathing in the body’s nerve system.’

(Silence.  Than, Student 2; in a light-dawning way:) ‘Fungi.’   

‘Fun-gi.  In-deed.

‘Now.  How could fungi get in the body, in order to do its thing, and attack the myelin sheathing of the nerve system.’ 

(Student 3:) ‘From food.’


(Student 2:) ‘Drink.  Liquids also.’

‘Indeed.  Food, and drink.  Infected with fungi, which grows in greater amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes.

‘But what about that other factor, that we looked at here.  About - ‘

(Student 1; triumphantly:) ‘I’ve got it!  Vitamin D is an anti-fungal!  Has anti-fungal properties!’

‘I’m going to stop coming here.  You kids are too clever for me to have some full classroom-time fun with.  

(Titters from The Class)

‘To wrap up our little process of observation.

‘One.  MS occurs in higher amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes.  Two.  Sunlight has a property of creating vitamin D in the body, which factor could have something to do with this particular subject matter.  Three.  Something that occurs in greater amounts in colder climes than in warmer climes is fungi.  Four.  It turns out that not only is there a factor here of warmer climes versus colder climes in relation to incidences of MS, but sunlight generates vitamin D in the body, and vitamin D has a property of being an anti-fungal.  Ergo, we have an answer to our little process of observation.

‘Now, one would think that this is all elementary stuff, wouldn’t they?’  

(The Class; in unison:) ‘Yes.’

‘Indeed.  But something got in the way of our being able to apply logic to our living situation.  For a long, long time.  And that was the element of living our lives by profit - by, in other words, the interest-bearing system of money; whereby, in sum: The sicker we were, the healthier the economy was. 

‘To say, there was no profit in keeping people healthy, so The System preferred to steer away from Prevention - and preventive treatment - and concentrate rather on drug-based medicine.  Become known as Western medicine.  Pharmaceutical products that generated very handsome profits for the drug industry - really, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - and specifically for what became known as Big Oil, with such products coming to a large extent from a petroleum base.  Which was why John D. Rockefeller many years ago slipped his way into the medical schools in the country, giving them massive amounts of money, to steer their training in order to push products that rewarded him and his family, and his industry, handsomely.

‘The medical schools conveniently, then, forgetting - being made to forget - the advice, and even admonition, of the man known as the founder of their profession, Hippocrates, who is reported to have said, quote: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."  He is also reported to have said, “First: Do No Harm.”  Both bits of advice terribly overlooked in Western medicine - called, impudently, ‘modern’ medicine - in the rush - become the lust - for profits. 

‘And so, because that approach to Medicine was a false approach, that’s why it had to go.  And why, particularly with the collapse of the drug industry - with the light of awareness having shown on it; like generating more vitamin D into The System - the whole Western economic system collapsed.  And had to.  For us to get to the proper ‘modern’.

‘So:  I came here, actually - to conclude The Process - to say to you:

‘Welcome to the New Day.  May you fully appreciate what it took to get here.  And may you be richly rewarded - as the ’spiritual beings having a human experience’ that you are - in maintaining it, by giving it your best, in gratitude to you Creator for life with meaning.  

‘Go to it, with blessings from on high.’

(The Class, in unison:) ‘Thank you.’    

(Process Holder leaves the classroom.)      

And just so, do things evolve.

And speaking of ‘elementary’ things: It’s like an electron being kicked up a notch in its orbital expression, in order for the entity involved to experience a new level of reality, whether that be of an element or of a solar system, or entire universe.  And being kicked ‘up’ a notch results in the entity experiencing a higher level of reality, than the one it was experiencing before.

Ready for the trip of your life???????????

P.S. And I hope that you, dear Reader, have observed by now in these pages that I am not  talking about the enthronement of Communism on the world; and especially not in the form of the New World Order planned for us by heavy-duty statist types who are, in actuality, fascists.  I am talking about a synthesis - the final Synthesis - of The Process.  Whereby both sides of it have elements carried over into the final stage thereof.  
     Wherein we live by honoring both the individual and the collective.  Both, within the bounds of honoring the Purpose of
     The Process.

P.P.S. And just to note that this business - this big business - about MS is just a sample of this corrupt subject; including, for particularly obscene example, cancer.*  That it's all some sort of mysterious business, this dis-ease stuff, that needs more money thrown at it to uncover the specific cause of, and in the meantime, the pharmaceutical industry has some treatments to offer you for your mysterious affliction.  For which - did we say this already? - there is no known cure.  According to the medical-pharmaceutical complex; and their frontline sales people in the mainstream media.
     All of this, because we have lost sight of the value of simple factual observation.  Though as we are known to say: 'In light of the fact...'.  So we know better.
     (And to note further - to give credit where credit has some due - I have been particularly struck recently by this concept of factual observation, and looking at things with fresh eyes, by the marvelous example of deductive reasoning and intuitive thinking of Joseph Atwill as demonstrated in his book 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'.  He has looked at the New Testament's details in relation to the Jewish historian Josephus's 'Wars of the Jews' with such 'fresh eyes' as to see parallel after parallel between the two works, with the result of having realized that they were constructed with the same intention in mind; to wit: to severely chastise the Jews for having been a "wicked generation" that brought about their own calamity in the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, for listening to the 'demons' of the rebellious Jews amongst them, and not "rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's".  Said he, who became a part of the Flavian dynasty of emperors, for his services to that more powerful cause than that of the hotheadedly misled Jews.
       A highly recommended read.  And all the more important for our time and place; wherein Judeo-Christianity is under such an attack, by people who want to rule the world, as unto the Roman emperors of old.
     As to that impulse.  Let me just say that, not only is it part and parcel of an End Times stage of historical development.  But it highlights fundamental differences in governance.
     In America, the government is not a master.  It is a servant.  That's why neither communists nor fascists, nor Islamists, want to see 'the American way' prevail: because it stands in the way - precisely in the Way - of their mutual planned takeover of the world.  For them to sort out the 'details' between them later.
     They think.
     Anyway  Just wanted to throw this observation in here.  As part of the discussion.  Of Things In Our Time.  To pay attention to.
     Crucial attention to.
     For our own good.  And that of Gaia.
     Our home away from
     And in closing, just to note that there will be a One World government, and in the form of a theocracy.  But it will be based on Love.  Not Force.
     In the meantime, it would pay you and us all to get your priorities - and postulates - right.)

* 'Observation: Bears in the wild don't get cancer, but they do in captivity.

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