Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Class

'Now that we've trained you into being good little socialists - ha ha - you need to face the next step: which is to understand that everybody to your 'right' in life is a fascist, and needs to be treated accordingly.  Is someone who will, or might, attempt to stand in the way of the Glorious Socialist Revolution.  Do you understand what I'm saying, Class?'

(The Class, in unison:) 'Yes, sir.'

'I hear you, but I'm still not sure that you understand fully.  You may have heard various definitions in the past of what a 'fascist' is; you have to forget all that academic stuff.  A fascist is whoever stands in your way.  And by any other name as well.  You can use terms interchangeably, all to the same effect, as defense against reaction to the Glorious Socialist Revolution.  Thus, 'they' are also: racists, sexists, homophobes, hatists, nationalists, xenophobes, white supremacists - got the picture?'

(The Class, in unison:) 'Yes, sir.'

'Good.  You see, words mean what we say they mean; and the most demeaning, demonizing, the words, the better.  The end justifying the means.  Any and all means.

'Words are tools; just labels, to attach to the foreheads of the enemy.  Who is anybody - anybody - who stands in the way of the Great And Glorious Socialist Revolution, in which everyone is equal, and there is social justice for all.  Alright, Class: You got that?'

(The Class, rousingly:)  'Yes, SIR!'

'Good. Now go out and do, accordingly.'

(A voice from the Class:)  ''Um - do what, precisely, sir?'

(A hush falls on the Class)

'I'm actually glad that you asked that question, Double-O Seven.'  (Titters from the Class)  'The answer is simple, and should be crystal clear, to a graduating Class such as this: (Very meaningfully; almost menacingly:) 'Do.  Whatever.  You.  Are.  Told - er,  asked - to do.  By your superiors.  In the -
say it, Class.  Altogether:'

(The Class, obediently:) 'The Great And Glorious Socialist Revolution.'

'Good.  That is all.  You are dismissed.'

(And the Class gets up, as One - of course - and clanks its way out of the Assembly Room.)

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