Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Outpost

Even before viewing the last episode later on today in the 9-part series called ‘Vaccines Revealed,’ I have found myself musing on ‘the scene’  - and in the context as well of articles and audios on the Internet talking about the enormous costs of medical care and insurance in this country, as brought to the forefront of our national consciousness by the current discussion - argument, rather; and heated at that - over Trumpcare versus Obamacare.

For example.

Western, to say allopathic, medicine makes its money (and makes money literally, in our current monetary system) by treating the symptoms of disease - the ‘mechanic’ approach to Medicine - rather than by1 treating it in a natural, ‘holistic’ way that will help prevent it from coming back in the future, by treating it at the ‘terrain’ level, where dis-ease gets a hold in the first place.2  This observation highlighting the fact that a healthy body can deal with dis-ease in a ‘healthy’, i.e., natural, way, with the aid of our remarkable, even to say ’ingenious’ immune systems.3  And so, promising treatments, and even cures, have come along periodically, getting at - treating at - the root of the problem, which have been squelched by The System, because The System functions on our ill health.  Not on our wellness.4  

And so, that System has to go.  Because anything that stands in the way of our ‘healthy,’ natural state has to go, for being in the way.

I remember, late in my high-school days - this would be in the 1951-'52 time period - talking with a friend one day when he happened to say that he had heard of a man, living somewhere near by, who had come up “with a cure for cancer,” and was being not only ignored about it, but threatened about it.  I remember thinking, ‘That’s strange.  Surely the medical profession would welcome an answer to cancer?’  I had, obviously, yet to wake up to the reality of life, at least as practiced in our current system.

‘Oh well,’ I remember continuing to think; ‘if there’s really something to it, something will come of it.’

I was to learn later on in my life that one thing that did ‘come of it’ was the likes of Royal Rife dying a broken man.  And the Rockefeller crowd, in the Big Business of Medicine, winning the day.

But not for any longer.  Because it’s time for

a New Day.

And my bit of advice to the allopathic medical profession - working diligently in the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex: When it turns out that you are digging a hole, rather than helping people climb a stairway to the sunlight in their lives:

Stop digging.

You are going to have to, anyway.

For, it is time for a change.

A systemic change, in the very way that we do things.

In this currently benighted outpost of the kingdom of God.

Of our Creator Source.

When it turns out that we can no longer say, when confronted with a social situation demanding our awakened awareness:

‘Oh well.  Nothing to do with me.’

For, it has everything to do

with us

facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, of 

The All That Is.

We, gods in the making.

And needing - really needing, now, 

to wake up to that fact of life.

Or die in the darkness of our own making.

Having been given the free will to make that choice.

By a loving Creator.

Who is not happy at all with what we are doing with the opportunity.  But

our choice.

We chose to make this bed.  Now it's up to us to lie in it.

Or wake up.

And tell the difference.


1 either preventing it in the first place; which it would argue is not its job; or by 

2 Even Pasteur, it is said, came around to the conclusion, at the end of his life, that, quote, “the terrain is everything”.
   But to continue.

3 Which implies an Intelligence behind life.

   But to continue.  Step by step.

4 As I have observed in these pages before:
   'The sicker we are, the healthier the economy is.'
   There is something very wrong with that picture.
   Which needs to be corrected.
   But to continue.

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